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16 september 2014

Dear Friend,

We've posted nearly a hundred items of climate news in our 4C news rubric since our June newsletter, some discouraging, some positive. The most important news, however, is that the climate movement is now mobilizing on a global scale. On Sunday, 21 September, two days before a summit meeting of world leaders called by Ban Ki-moon for 23 September in New York City (preparation for a crucial UN climate meeting next year) there will be a planetary mobilization of public support for governmental action against global warming.

Spearheaded by a massive “Peoples March” through New York itself, the principal international organizers – Avaaz and 350.org – are hoping to bring hundreds of thousands onto the streets of Manhattan in support of swift, decisive action by the governments about to meet there. 350's Bill McKibben sounded the tocsin for this "People's Climate March" last June in an excellent essay in Rolling Stone. And just two days ago, Climate Action Network-Europe, with which 4C is affiliated, demanded specific climate targets for next Monday's New York UN summit, in a briefing it sent to the European Union and its member states.

While the New York demo will certainly be the largest one, it will be echoed by similar actions in dozens of major cities on the six continents, so the large number of our signatories who live too far from New York to participate there can find local demonstrations – over two thousand of them at last count – nearly everywhere, organized by most of the larger environmental organizations. You can find an action in your vicinity by clicking on the Avaaz website . (There will be a number of events in the Netherlands: details of the Amsterdam demo at the Eye film museum are at the end of this letter.)

Avaaz is also circulating a petition which some of you will already have signed. For those who have not, we copy the email we’ve just received about it.

Dear friends,

In days, when the UN holds an emergency summit on climate change, we need to deliver the largest petition ever for a world powered by 100% clean energy. The petition number will be read out to every world leader at the summit! Sign the petition

I can sincerely say this is the most important petition we've ever done.

Sorry for the language, but one top scientist just warned that we are all "f*cked" if global warming releases gigantic amounts of methane gas from the arctic tundra. The UN knows this is one of several catastrophic climate threats we're facing, and is bringing world leaders to New York for a major summit on this global emergency.

Hundreds of thousands of us will take to the streets for the People’s Climate March just before the summit. Let’s make sure that on that day we deliver the largest Avaaz petition ever, for the only solution: mobilize the world to shift to 100% clean energy. Click to sign the petition below, and tell everyone:

Here's the petition:

To national, local, and international leaders:
Scientists warn us that climate change could accelerate beyond our control, threatening our survival and everything we love. We call on you to keep global temperature rise under the unacceptably dangerous level of 2 degrees C, by phasing out carbon pollution to zero. To achieve this, you must urgently forge realistic global, national and local agreements, to rapidly shift our societies and economies to 100% clean energy by 2050. Do this fairly, with support to the most vulnerable among us. Our world is worth saving and now is our moment to act. But to change everything, we need everyone. Join us.

Sign it with one click here

Whether it's the 'arctic methane bomb', the rapid acidification of our oceans, or apocalyptic flooding, climate change is the biggest threat humanity is facing, and we need the biggest petition ever to meet it. If we make it massive, the number of us who sign will be read out to all leaders at the summit, published in hundreds of media articles, and be delivered by our marches worldwide.

100% clean energy is a realistic goal. Already, 20% of the world's electricity comes from clean energy, and solar power is cheaper than coal in many countries! We just need to get our leaders to agree to put their foot on the accelerator.

We're gearing up for the largest climate mobilization in history on September 21. Already hundreds of events are organised and hundreds of thousands of people signed up. But the events are designed to deliver our petition to decision makers. Let's make it the largest call to action ever. Join now and tell everyone - sign the petition with one click.

We're all different, and beautifully diverse. But whoever and wherever we are, climate change threatens everything we love, and brings all of us together. Let's come together now.

With hope,

Ricken, Danny, Lisa, Judy, Alex, Iain, and the rest of the Avaaz team


For the large number of Dutch supporters of 4C, the principal mobilization is being organized by Urgenda at the Film Museum “The Eye”, just across the water from Amsterdam Central Station, on Sunday, 21 September between 6 and 8 PM.

[From Avaaz, the following information on one of the main Dutch events leading up to the ”Eye” demonstration]:

1. When: Sunday, 21 September, 5pm
2. Where: Dijksgracht 1, 1019 BS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3. What: Amsterdam People's Climate March – De mars van de Klimmuur naar het slotevent op de EYE kade
4. Who: you and everyone you know!
5. Link to the event for more information

[From Liset Meddens of 350 and fossilefrij.nl, we received yet another invitation for the Amsterdam mobilization]

• In Amsterdam you can join us on the People’s Climate March Amsterdam. The Fossielvrij.NL team will meet at the NEMO (roof terrace) at 16.00 pm. Look out for big Fossielvrij banners!

• And around the Netherlands there are different events from The Hague to Gröningen. The Fossielvrij team will kick off the action weekend in the morning of Friday the 19th at the ABP office in Amsterdam and several local Fossielvrij actions will follow that day.

It’s not too late to register an event - no matter how big or small - or turn out for one already happening.

Please join us and be part of the largest People’s Climate Mobilisation ever seen

This summit isn’t the beginning, nor will it be the end. But this is the fight for our future. It’s time to stand up, be counted and vote with our feet.

Lets make sure this IS the biggest mobilisation on climate change the world has ever seen - Join us on September 19-21.

See you soon on the streets!



To our 4C friends, wherever you are: Sunday, September 21 is the day to make yourselves heard! Take part in the demonstration nearest you. Make this the moment from which the movement for humanity’s future cannot be ignored.

Arthur Mitzman and Piper Hollier, for Concerned Citizens against Climate Change

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