4C Newsletter -- The April 29 People's Climate Marches Will Herald the 2017 Climate Spring


30 april 2017

Dear friends,

The Paris agreement of 2015, which 197 countries signed, acknowledged that temperature increase from global warming should be limited to 1.5 degrees. Since then, so little has been accomplished that even a 2.C limitation is becoming less and less plausible. The moment has come for the international climate movement to act decisively. Of particular concern are the policies of the new American president. Cutting down EPA, reversing the slim progress made under Obama, pledging to restore the coal and oil industry to its earlier dominance, these moves, as well as the weak progress in the rest of the world, cry out for a sharp riposte. That riposte will come on April 29, when hundreds of People’s Climate Marches will fill the streets of the world’s major cities.

In the Netherlands too, thousands are expected to flock to Amsterdam’s Museumplein. 4C and its new partner, Fossil Free Amsterdam, will be there, as will Greenpeace, Milieudefensie, Urgenda and numerous youth and student groups, entrepreneurs and religious organizations. This demonstration will be the beginning of the Dutch Climate Spring. Our strategy: push the new government now being negotiated to adopt climate protection legislation that will quickly replace this country’s fossil fuel economy with one premised on wind and solar power and a carbon levy/dividend.

If you will be in the Netherlands on April 29, please let us know by return mail if we can count on you to assemble with other 4C signatories and Fossil Free adherents at 13:45 in the Museumplein, next to the parking entrance adjacent to the Albert Heijn supermarket. If you are one of the hundreds of 4C signatories in other countries, be sure to look up the websites of 350.org or Greenpeace to locate a demo near you.

The People’s Climate Marches on April 29th will give a message that no government and no fossil fuel company can ignore. Be part of it.

Warm regards from Amsterdam.

Arthur Mitzman and Piper Hollier, coordinators of Concerned Citizens against Climate Change [www.stopwarming.eu]

Sven Jense for Fossil Free Amsterdam [amsterdamfossielvrij.nl]

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