17 november 2012

[A highly important document, prepared for the United Nations Environment Program by the Global Environment Facility, was called to our attention today. It's salient points have been summarized as follows:

"To stabilize atmospheric GHG concentrations at levels low enough to avoid mean global temperatures rising above 2oC, incremental reductions in GHG emissions or mitigation interventions will be inadequate. A transformational shift, leading towards a significantly lower energy demand and the decarbonization of energy supply and economic systems, will be required. This shift must be closely linked with the sustainable development aims and objectives of developing countries and Economies in Transition (EIT).

"A warming of 2°C could be achieved as early as the 2030s. The International Energy Agency (IEA) warns that if we continue on the current emissions path based mainly on fossil fuel combustion, a warming of 4°C could be reached by the 2060s, and the world will head towards a warming of 6°C or more before the end of this century."]

From Climate Change: Scientific Assessment for the GEF, November 15, 2012


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