Image images/polar_bears.jpgConcerned Citizens against Climate Change is circulating an appeal: Global warming threatens the future of the earth. Act now, before it is too late, which we invite you to sign. We believe that the immediacy of this threat has been grossly underestimated in the numerous international negotiations organized over the years by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framing Convention on Climate Change). Our appeal is to be sent to the highest political authorities in Asia, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations, because we believe the key to halting the menace to the human future of excessive warming lies in swift and effective political action.

While global public opinion is increasingly aware of the menace of climate change, much of the global media and many in the world’s business and political elites remain in a state of denial about the seriousness of the situation we face. This ostrich-like rejection of a dangerous reality has been manifested in the inability, at numerous climate conferences under United Nations auspices during the last decade and a half, to agree on substantive measures to follow and strengthen those proposed a decade earlier in the Kyoto protocol, and in the weakening, under the pressure of European industrial lobbies, of the European Communities’ multi-decade plan for curbing CO2 emissions, the major cause of the warming trend. The “denial” mentality in the media has also been reflected in the failure of those media properly to inform the public about the ongoing threat of planetary climate change.