Donations and NetherlandsTax-free [ANBI] Status

This project is dependent in the first place on the support for our appeal from its signatories, for which we are grateful. To those who have volunteered translations and have sent the appeal on to others we send a special note of thanks.

We also, however, need donations to put our project on a firmer basis.

We need funds to expand our work: to spread our appeal to more people in different languages, to advertise and discuss our message, to build bridges between environmental organizations in different countries and between those organizations and sympathetic political figures. In doing so, we hope to obtain the leverage to persuade the major powers to act more rapidly and effectively against the menace of continued warming and its consequences., So please contribute: any amount is welcome.

Since we are registered with the Dutch government as a non-profit organization for the public good, Dutch taxpayers should note our ANBI number for possible tax deductions: 819246967.

The stakes are high, and we do not have much time.

Bank account: Stichting 4C Climate Change - ABN/Amro
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL74ABNA0514816058
Bank Identification Code (BIC): ABNANL2A

In accordance with the requirements of the Dutch tax authorities, we have posted our financial statement for 2014 in our
Documents section. You can find it here.

A summary of our activities and of our financial situation for the years 2017-2018 can be found in our "Documents" section here.

If you wish, you can also send checks or money orders to:
Stichting 4C Climate Change
Botticellistraat 34
1077 GC, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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