List of signatures

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Aalbers, Jasper (Ph.D. Candidate) - Netherlands

Aarts, Jan (historicus) - Netherlands
"Als historicus ken ik maar al te goed het beklemmend gevoel van de herinnering aan al die mensen die in het verleden zonder besef aan de rand van de afgrond stonden. Als amateur entomoloog ben ik gevo[...]"

Aarts, Paul (docent Internationale Betrekkingen UvA) - Netherlands

Aarts, Sabine (historica) - Netherlands

Abbess, Jo (college of global change) - United Kingdom
"ER + RE : energy reduction plus renewable energy. this is the solution."

Abdulghani, Adel (TREC member) - Yemen
"I suggest the establishment of international Carbon Fund as Agency under the UN. An international agreement has to be signed in which cost has to be agreed for each ton of carbon oxide emmissions. Thi[...]"

ACKERMAN, Frank - United States

Ackerman, Peter (Consultant) - United States

Agen, R. van (retired) - Netherlands

Akker, Donald van den (consultant and father) - Netherlands

Al, Monique (Coordinator vrijwilligersorganisatie) - Netherlands

Albon, Norman (research scientist, retired) - United Kingdom
"experience in chemical,physical, biological and earth sciences "

Altena, Bert (assistent professor of history, faculty of historical and art sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

Altevogt, Hans (campaigner Greenpeace) - Netherlands

Amador, Mario (Engineer) - Mexico
"It is imperative that all public trucks and buses use biodiesel. It is also necessary that the US signs the Kioto Protocol.There is a tremendous potential for Latinamerican countries to produce biofue[...]"

Amelang, James (Professor) - Spain

Amelung, Bas (Environmental economist) - Netherlands

Amevor, Daniel (Nurse) - United Kingdom

Amsberg, Kiki (documentairemaker) - Netherlands
"Er wordt nooit gesproken over de voortdurende toename van de wereldbevolking. Zit daar niet één van de grootste problemen. Of durft niemand dat aan te kaarten en is het ontmogelijk hier iets aan te [...]"

Anderson, Judith - United Kingdom

Annink, Dory - Netherlands

Apellaniz Campo, Alejandro - Mexico
"que podemos comentar de este atroz crimen. Es increible."

Apellániz, Dulce María (finance risk administrator) - Mexico

Apellániz, Lourdes - Mexico
" We all have to take charge and act in this matter now."

Applegate, Celia (Professor of History) - United States

Armenta, Amira - Netherlands

Aron, Robert (Consultant/Consumer Advocate) - United States

Arts, Karin (Associate Professor in International Law and Development, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague) - Netherlands

ashenden, samantha (academic) - United Kingdom

Asher, Burton (promoting awareness of nature) - United Kingdom

Asher, Kiran (Associate Professor of International Development and Social Change) - United States

Asher, Michael (Author & deep ecologist) - Kenya
"Stop economic growth now."

Asselt, Harro van (Researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) - Netherlands

asselt, hendrik th van (senior consultant) - Netherlands
"I would like to see this petition being offered to our prime minister, Jan Pieter Balkenende "

asselt, henry van (senior consultant climate change) - Netherlands
The initiative is most warmly approved by me. Much of my time is spent in Portugal. I did not notice much interest in the issue there. Do you know by chance anyone whom I could contact in portuga[...]"

Ateljevic, Irena (Assistant Professor) - Netherlands
"I fully support this action to show how scientists are leading the 'new renaissance' in these dark ages of consumerism and corporatisation of the world."

Athanasiou, Tom (Director, EcoEquity) - United States


Attia, Joyce - United Kingdom

Avramov, Ivaylo (researcher) - Bulgaria
"What we see is that in general everyone agrees that abrupt Global Warming is dangerous for humanity and that we must take measures, however when things become personal, the readiness/the decisiveness [...]"

Azmanova, Albena (academic staff member, University of Kent at Brussels) - Belgium

Baal-Arkes, Marian van (Belastingconsulent) - Netherlands

Baggerman, Arianne (Professor of the History of the Book, University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University) - Netherlands

Baile, Walter (Citizen) - United States
"We need to lobby harder and harder and harder to stop this tragedy! Tell me what I can do to help"

Bak-Geller Corona, Sarah (PHD History Student) - Mexico

Bakker, wietse (Graphic Designer) - Netherlands

bakker-van westerhoven, ankie (Secr.penningm. Stichting Vrouwenkontakt Nederland) - Netherlands

Ballintijn, Koos (geen) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!"

Barendse, Gerard W.J. (Managing Director) - Netherlands

Baretta, Meike (Greenpeace Campaigner Climate&Energy) - Netherlands
"All the solutions are available: smart energy use from renewable sources!"

Barker, Terry (Director, 4CMR) - United Kingdom

Barkin, David (Professor of Economics) - Mexico
"The urgency cannot be stressed enough. Developments here in Mexico are particularly disheartening as political forces and foreign investment from Europe are systematically increasing Co2 emissions. NO[...]"


Barnhart, Sukey - Netherlands

Baron, Susan - United States

Barrett, Daniel (Climate Change Solution Contributor) - United Kingdom

Barry, John (Co-Chair, Green Party in Northern Ireland) - United Kingdom

Bartels, Wim (oud internationaal secretaris IKV) - Netherlands
"milieubeleid is ook vredesbeleid"

BASAEN, INES (CEO) - Philippines

Basten, Rob van (Ondernemer) - Netherlands Antilles
"In Curacao stoten wij 5 maal zoveel C02/PP uit als in de verenigde staten. Dit moet direct stoppen, help Curacao hierbij."

Bastian, Mark - United Kingdom

Bastos Lima, Mairon Giovani (PhD Researcher) - Brazil

Bax, Christine (schrijver) - Netherlands

Bayer, Erico Ernesto (Jubilado) - Argentina

bayram, yildirim (student) - Turkey

Bähre, Erik (Assistant Professor, Leiden University) - Netherlands

Büscher, Bram (Lecturer Institute of Social Studies) - Netherlands

Bebbington, Anthony (Professor of Nature, Society and Development) - United Kingdom

Becker, Sharon (Projectleider) - Netherlands
"Liever drastische maatregelen dan slappe consessies! "

Becton, Clarence (Musiciam) - Netherlands

Bedarrides, Trille (lerares frans) - Netherlands

Begg, Katherine (senior research fellow) - United Kingdom

Behal, Heeya (Student) - India

Bellamy, Mark (actor) - Netherlands
"so much has to change and quickly"

Bello, Walden (Executive Director, Focus on the Global South) - Philippines

beltran, juan manuel (psiclogist) - Spain

Benchimol, Alex (University Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Bennett, Bruce (University Lecturer) - United Kingdom

BENSA, Julien - Netherlands

Berg, Floris van den (Assistent Professor Environmental Philosophy) - Netherlands
"It's time for action! Don't forget to reduce your own ecological footprint. One easy way: stop eating meat."

Berge, Niels van den (milieumedewerker van GroenLinks in het Europees Parlement) - Netherlands
"Het is de hoogste tijd om alle mooie woorden om te zetten in daden."

Berkhout, Maartje - Netherlands

berlage, ulrike (child- and adolescent psychiatrist) - Netherlands

Bero, Helen - United States

beus, leontine de (freelancer) - Netherlands

Bidwai, Praful (Columnist and environmental activist) - India

Biedenkopf, Katja - Belgium

Bienfait, Hans (secretariaatvoerder stichting GEZEN (stichting ter bevordering van Grootschalige Exploitatie van ZonneENergie, zie )) - Netherlands

Bienfait, Hans (secretariaatvoerder stichting GEZEN) - Netherlands

Bierling, Jeannet (ICT educational consultant) - Netherlands

Biermann, Frank (Professor of Political Science) - Netherlands

Miriam vander Bij (arbeidshygienist) - Netherlands

Bijnen, Loes (gepensioneerd ambtenaar Buitenlandse Zaken) - Netherlands
"Mijn betrokkenheid ligt vooral bij de mensenrechten in Iran, maar ik voel mij uiteraard ook betrokken bij de klimaatverandering en haar gevolgen"

Biju, M.P. (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)) - India
"We have to do more campaigns to fight with the Global Warming. All countries should make more funds for this purpose, especially developed counrties. Also they should reduce use of arms, chemicals, [...]"

Bilslev-Jensen, Majken (Economist) - Denmark

Birkenhäger, Dorie (retired university medical staff) - Netherlands
"Gelukkig zeggen anderen wat de regering niet durft te zeggen: het is nauwelijks één minuut voor twaalf!"

Birnbaum, Raoul (professor, University of California) - United States

Bissels, Simone (Fondsenwerver) - Netherlands

Black Elk, Rick - United States
"People, please listen. This is real and we must face it. Lets work toward an accord to remedy the problem."

Blanken, Kees den (Director Cogen Nederland) - Netherlands
"Let's make an efficient transition to the good sun"

Blau, Judith (President, Sociologists without Borders, US) - United States

Blazer, Emmy (former dental instituut-Universiteit Utrecht) - Netherlands
"Vervuilers zijn wij ZELF."

Blok, Kornelis (professor Utrecht University) - Netherlands

Bodhi, Bhikkhu (Buddhist monk, chairman, Buddhist Global Relief) - United States
"We are drawing ever closer to our last opportunity to take effective action to protect human civilization and the countless life-forms with which humanity's existence is intertwined. If we don't act n[...]"

Boehling, Rebecca (Associate Professor of History, University of Maryland, Baltimore County) - United States

Boekel, Maartje van (Greenpeace Nederland) - Netherlands

Boenink, Annette (Psychiater) - Netherlands

Boer, Fred de (University Lecturer) - Netherlands

Boer, Fred de (Lecturer, Wageningen University) - Netherlands

Boer, Gina de (private banker) - Netherlands

Boer, Heidi de (Beleidsmedewerker Milieu) - Netherlands

Boer, Margreeth de (oud minister van VROM) - Netherlands

Boersema, Jan (Professor of Environmental Sciences, Free University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Boeve, May - United States

Boissevain, Jeremy (Emeritus professor ofsocial anthropology ~university of Amsterdam,,) - Netherlands
" I fully support the petition."

Bomans, Arnold (computerist) - Netherlands
"Citizens WILL elect a government that constrains them."

Bootland, Randy (Adjunct Professor) - Netherlands

Borkham MD, Dr. rer.nat, Dr. med. etc., Erawan (Researcher) - Germany
"Science, with its central function in exposing and stopping environmental and social abuse, should accept its moral duties and rid itself of ongoing scientific piracy. "

borkow, mijael - Mexico

BORON, ATILIO (Director of PLED, the Latin American Program of Distance Education in the Social Sciences) - Argentina
"I fully agree with your petition. I will circulate the news among my friends to sign."

Boswijk, Ivo Eelco (Koordirigent/componist) - Netherlands

Bottacin, Rossella (Insegnante) - Italy

Bouboulis, Thomas - Greece

bouman, henny ((retired) engineer) - Netherlands
"het boek "our common wealth" van jeffrey d. sachs plaatst deze problematiek in een duidelijk perspectief"

Bourgeois, Eric - United States

Bouwhuis, Egbert (director) - Netherlands
"To reconnect nature with elektricity - nature's most fascinating form of energy - to users and use would not only strengthen the bond with nature but the sustainable economy as well."

Braat, Irma (directieassistente) - Netherlands

Bracking, Sarah (University Lecturer, Environment and Development) - United Kingdom
"This crisis is already with us, as the deaths of vulnerable people across African and Southeast Asia demonstrates. Their livelihoods are being made unsustainable by changes to air, water and land reso[...]"

Braeckman, Toon (Professor of Political Philosophy (KULeuven)) - Belgium

Braeye, Sarah (Phd Researcher) - Belgium

Brand, Arie van den (former member of the Dutch Parliament for Groenlinks) - Netherlands

Brand, Christian (Senior Researcher, University of Oxford) - United Kingdom

Brenner, Neil (Professor of Sociology and Metropolitan Studies, New York University) - United States

Brettschneider, Alwin (student) - Netherlands

Breur, Richard (Informatiekundige) - Netherlands
"Tempo met CSP"

Broadbent, Nathan (Individual) - New Zealand
"I hope we can reverse the effects of global warming before it's too late."

Brodkin, Karen (Professor) - United States

Broek, Kees van den (peace & development work) - Netherlands
"short term policies, aimed at economic development, will have to give place to long term policies for sustainable development: we will have to share in order to prevent major instability in this world[...]"

broekhuijsen, marije (klimaatmedewerker) - Netherlands

Bronzwaer, Lisanne (medewerker educatie) - Netherlands

Brook, Alissa (Academic staff) - Netherlands

Brooks, David (Senior Advisor - Fresh Water, Friends of the Earth Canada) - Canada

Brubaker, Rogers (Professor of Sociology, UCLA) - United States

Bruckner, Martin - Austria

Brugera Soler, Elena - Spain

Brunain, Pierre (Project administrator Afrika) - Belgium

Buijs, M. (boekverkoper) - Netherlands

Buikema, Arjen (systeemontwerper) - Netherlands
"Met name zonnestroom opgewekt met CSP kan een forse bijdrage leveren"

Buitenweg, Kathalijne (Europarlementariër voor GroenLinks) - Netherlands

Bunders, Koen (Consultant) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!"

Burdett, Carolyn (University lecturer) - United Kingdom

Buren, Twan van (psychotherapeute, schrijfster) - Netherlands
"Een geweldig initiatief, dat wereldwijd navolging verdient!"

Burgos, Francisca - Spain

Burr, Daniela (Graphic Designer) - Mexico
"Please sign! We can do this! It's our Earth!"

butters, alan (retired) - United Kingdom

Buxton, Nick - United Kingdom

Cace, Ivana - Netherlands

Callinicos, Alex (Professor of European Studies, King's College London) - United Kingdom

Campos Diaz, Luis (Jefe de trafico y embarques) - Mexico
"Estoy de acuerdo en reducir transportacion no necesaria, principalmente de particulares y automoviles de modelos trasados, pero formentar vehiculos ecologicos"

Canaan, Joyce (Reader in Sociology) - United Kingdom

Carr, Dale (retired) - Netherlands

Carre, claire (teacher) - France

Carson, Tamara (Administrative assistant) - United States

Cary, Elizabeth (Cambridge University Graduate) - United Kingdom
"Trying to do all I can to help with the problems of global warming and climate change, both in Cambridge and elsewhere"

casillas, josé (entreprenur) - Mexico

Castle, David (Commissioning Editor, Pluto Press) - United Kingdom

Castro, José Esteban (Professor of Sociology, Newcastle University) - United Kingdom

Cándida Smith, Richard (professor of history) - United States

Córdoba, Luis (activista) - Uruguay
"NO a la Energia Nuclear"

Cerino, Caterina (Periodista) - Italy

Cerqueda, Christine - Philippines

Cersosimo, Anne (us/dutch citizen) - Netherlands

Cersosimo, Anne - Netherlands

Chamberlain, Richard (Consultant) - United States
"Please take all steps you can to stop climate change now.

Please cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 50% in the next 5 years.

Please plant 1 trillion trees on each continent.

All these actions need[...]"

Chan, Sander (Researcher, VU University Amsterdam/China University for Political Science and Law) - China

chandra, sudhir (historian) - India
"soon it will be too late"

Chartrand, Mora - United States
"I support this petition and ask that all world leaders take action to control greenhouse gas emissions immediately. We have damaged our world too much already and the time is NOW to take every measure[...]"

Chater, James (Editor) - Netherlands

chaudhary, anuj (student) - India

Chavez, Daniel (Political Scientist, Independent Researcher) - Uruguay

Chenier, Rebecca - Canada

Chenoy, Kamal (Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi) - India

Chergui, Hinde (beleidsadviseur) - Netherlands

choudhary, rahul (NGO) - India
"We have been working for poor peoples development through RURAL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (NGO) in Garoth (MP) India, since last Twenty years. "

Chugh, Swapnil - India

Chung, Heejung (Post-doc Researcher) - Netherlands

Cirillo, Robert - Netherlands

Clark, Lillian - United Kingdom

Clay, MaryKathryn (Student) - France

Coady, Amy - United States

Cobelens, Gertjan (Boekverkoper & vertaler) - Netherlands

Cohen, Charles (Professor) - United States

Collins, Elisa (Conservation Biologist/Entomologist) - United States

Collis, James (Climate Lobbyist) - Portugal

Combes, Cécile (Actress) - France

Coninck, Heleen de (Group manager International Energy and Climate issues, Unit Policy Studies, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)) - Netherlands

Connelly, James (Professor of Politics) - United Kingdom

Connor, Ethan - United States

Contreras Hinojosa, Ricardo (Médico) - Mexico

Conway, Kathleen (Professor emeritus) - United States

Cooper, Tim (History Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Copado, Livier - Mexico

Copsey, Tan (Development Manager, - United Kingdom

Corbera, Eduard (Marketing Manager) - Spain

Corbera, Esteve - Spain

Corbera, Pau (manager) - Spain
"Managers in Europe are still not conscious about the problem. A lot to do!!"


Corbey, Dorette (europarlementarier) - Netherlands

Corradi, Juan (President South-North Development Initiative and Professor of Sociology, New York University) - United States

Corvi-Mora, Tommaso (Gallerist) - United Kingdom

Cramer, Michael (MEP) - Germany

Crawford, Guy - United Kingdom

Crawford, J.H. (publisher) - United States
"As former EU Environment Minister Stavros Dimas said in the foreword to my Carfree Design Manual, it's time to think outside the box and imagine deeply sustainable initiatives, such as carfree cities.[...]"

Crawford, J.H. (author) - Netherlands
"Let's hope that we are not already too late."

Cristello, Anne (retired) - Netherlands

Cuan Men Robledo, Alfonso (Medico) - Mexico
"Queremos dejar un mundo mejor para nuestros hijos y las siguentes generaciones"

Cuenca Franco, M Mercedes (Teacher) - United Kingdom

Cuppen, Eefje (Researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Cuppen, Frans (Penningmeester Vereniging voor ZonneKrachtCentrales) - Netherlands
" Er is (zonne)energie genoeg voor iedereen! (Zie en "Schoon fossiel", CO2-opslag en waterstof zijn gevaarlijke schijnoplossingen die "business as usual" in s[...]"

Cutler, Cynthia - United States

d' Ancona, Hedy - Netherlands

Daggers, Ton (coordinator MOVILIZATION) - Netherlands
"growth can be in many ways but not without wishdom"

Dagoumas, Athanasios (Research Associate, University of cambridge) - United Kingdom
"Active citizens to pave the way for avoiding dangerous climate change..."

dale, gareth (senior lecturer, brunel uni) - United Kingdom

Dalkarl, Lis-Britt (Translator/ Information Professional) - Netherlands

Dalmeijer, Marco (Student) - Netherlands
"Tijdens een reis naar het meest zuidelijkste punt van Argentinie zag ik het voor het eerst. Gletsjers smelten en polen zullen volgen. Laten we wijs zijn en zulke mooie en belangrijke natuurverschijnse[...]"

Damen, Maayke Aimée (VN Jongerenvertegenwoordiger Duurzame Ontwikkeling) - Netherlands

Danen, René (Director, Keer Het Tij) - Netherlands

dankelman, Irene (lecturer/consultant) - Netherlands

daoutsali, eleni (chemie MSc) - Germany

Darby, Sarah (Research Fellow, Energy) - United Kingdom

Dauwe, Charles (Prof.) - Belgium

Davidson, Daniel (System Analyst) - United States
"Global warming is the greatest danger to the future of our existence on Earth."

Davis, Natalie Zemon (emerita in history, Princeton University) - United States

Davis, S. Carole - Canada
"Our Canadian government is in denial about our future. It is intent on making as much money now, without any concern for the future of the earth. I hope an organization like this will have some good e[...]"

Dawkins, Ruth (Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Co-Ordinator) - United Kingdom

De Cauter, Lieven (philosopher) - Belgium

De Vriese, Frederik (SA IT analyst) - Spain

Debets, José (therapist) - Netherlands

Dekker, Rudolf (Historicus) - Netherlands

Dekker, Stefan (Assistant professor Environmental Sciences) - Netherlands

Dekkers, Lieke - Netherlands

Delft, Anne van (storyteller) - Netherlands

Delft, Radboud van (manager) - Netherlands
"Time for action now!"

Delil, Ad (Advanced Aerospace Thermal Control Systems Consultant) - Netherlands
"Invest a substantial percentage of military investments in CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) and start right now."

Dempster, William (Director of Engineering, Biospheric Design, Inc.) - United States
"Those who deny climate change or its catastrophic consequences steal the future from today's youth and future generations. Wake up and see what is happening !"

Desai, Aditi (Environmentalist, Sociologist) - India
"We must act now, individually and collectively. Governments must be made accountable. It may be too little too late and spell doom for all."

Desai, Manali (Sociologist, LSE) - United Kingdom

stephandesmet (teacher) - Belgium

stephandesmet (teacher) - Belgium
"Let's act now! Governments, stop talking; act!"

Dewandeleer, Sonia - Belgium

dieperink, carel (assistant professor environmental policy) - Netherlands

Diez Leiva, Mª Isabel (researcher) - Spain

Dirven, Jan - Netherlands

dobrovolny, walter - United States

Docter, Klaas (Ships surveyor) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now"

Doctorow, E.L. - United States

dominiqueli, magali (PROFESSORA) - Brazil

dommele, rik van (director) - Netherlands

Donders, Stella - Netherlands

Doorman, Maarten (Professor of Criticism, Media Studies, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Doorninck, Dami van (-) - Netherlands

Dopper, Manon (student) - Netherlands

Dorstewitz, Philipp (lecturer) - Netherlands

Dovali, Claudia - Mexico
"Help the planet, I want to live"

Dove, Fiona (Director TNI) - Netherlands

Dowd, Mark (Journalist) - United Kingdom

Drenthen, Martin (Assistant Professor of Philosophy) - Netherlands

Dresen, Leen (Lecturer at University) - Netherlands
"This is important, please act!"

Driesenaar, Freek (Informatieanalyst) - Netherlands
"Waarschijnlijk zal de wal het schip keren, maar wie weet kunnen we zo de koers verleggen; niet geschoten is altijd mis."

Du Boff, Richard (Professor of Economics, retired) - United States

du Marchie Voorthuysen, Evert van (Directeur Stichting GEZEN (Grootschalige Exploitatie van Zonne-ENergie)) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of global GDP in concentrating solar power - start right now!"

Duarte, Suzanne (writer, professor) - United States
"Let us make some sacrifices for future generations for a change. Let's start with the outdated industrial growth paradigm, for Earth's sake!"

DuCarme, Donna (Theatermaker, Community Activist) - Netherlands

Duckett, Jane (University Professor) - United Kingdom

Duijn, Marijtje van (Associate Professor of Statistics, University of Groningen) - Netherlands

Duijn, Roel van (raadslid Amsterdam Oud-Zuid (GroenLinks)) - Netherlands

René vander Duim (University lecturer) - Netherlands

Duineveld, martien (directeur) - Netherlands

Dumont, Elinor (Retired) - United States

Duncan, Colleen - Canada

DuPuis, Melanie - United States

Dupuy, Alex (Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University) - United States

Durante, Frank - United States

Duyvendak, Jan Willem (Professor of Sociology) - Netherlands

Dvoretzky, VLADIMIR (journalist) - Bulgaria

Eagleton, Terry (Academic) - United Kingdom

Eeden, Rob van den (oud-brandweerman) - Netherlands

Eekeren, Antonio van (Gepensioneerd) - Netherlands
"Wij moeten NU iets doen.Geen wij willen / gaan / iets doen aan CO2 reductie.Nu actie ondernemen en starten."

Eickhout, Bas (Member of the European Parliament) - Netherlands

El Hasairi, Ibrahim (University Professor) - Western Sahara
"If we care about humanity we should act fast"

elbaum, eva (vrouw) - Netherlands
"als niet nu?wanneer dan wel?"

Elstrodt, Marijke - Netherlands

Engman, Elaine (retired teacher) - Netherlands
"This petition spotlights how vital it is to take drastic action -- now, not sometime in the future."

Enke, Anne (professor) - United States

Erne, Erik van (directeur stichting Milieunet) - Netherlands
"We have to act now instead of talking about climate problems in the future.See:"

Escat, Hernan - Netherlands

Esch, Eva van (milieusocioloog) - Netherlands

Etten, Martin van (editor - Netherlands
"I hope that we will finally succeed in tackling the climate problem"

Eussen, John (Coördinator Financiën, Greenpeace Nederland) - Netherlands

Evans, Jill (MEP) - United Kingdom

Evans, Richard J (Professor of Modern History, University of Cambridge) - United Kingdom

Evert, Jan van (journalist) - Netherlands
"It's time to think long-term! Only a massive global effort to convert to sustainable energy can save the planet."

exter, mar van - Netherlands

Eykelenboom, cor (Voorzitter Moerman vereniging ter preventie en strijd tegen Kanker) - Netherlands
"Klimaat verbetering als het gaat om mensen, ons nageslacht "

fahima, shoshanna - Israel

Fain, Séverine (Artist) - Netherlands

Falasca Zamponi, Simonetta (Professor) - United States

farthing, sean (environmentalist) - United Kingdom

Fassotte-Harmsen, Loes (promovendus) - Netherlands

fauchille, louisianne - France

Feffer, John (Co-director, Foreign Policy In Focus) - United States

Fellman, Gordon (Professor of Sociology) - United States
"Superb initiative. Thanks!"

Ferguson, Eric T. (Energy consultant) - Netherlands

Feria, Marco - Mexico

Fernandes, Carlos (arte-educador) - Brazil
"Já é chegada a hora de um diálogo franco e aberto qque permita a sociedade civíl manifestar-se frente as novas perspectivas de futuro"

Fernandes, Perpetua Saby (Exec. Asst.) - India
"Save Energy, Save Earth Save LIFE"

Field, Simon (Transport Planner) - United Kingdom
"Action must be taken now, especially with regard to emissions from road transport."

Firet, Arja (AIO + vakspecialist (Digital) Humanities Universiteit Utrecht) - Netherlands

Flacks, Richard (professor of sociology) - United States

Flipo, Fabrice (Researcher) - France

Fok, Lauren (Concerned human being) - South Africa

Folch, Albert - Spain

Fontijn, Jan (writer) - Netherlands

Ford, Judy (PhD Researcher and Activist) - Netherlands
"The science is clear; citizens want action; and solutions are available. Where are the courageous, committed political souls to just make it happen? "

Foreman, FIEE, Dr. Peter (Environmentallist) - United Kingdom
"The sun has all the power required to produce the world's energy. Let's urgently start using it and saving valuable resources for future generations."

Foreman, FIEE, Dr. Peter (Retired) - United Kingdom
"This is the same as with the threat of nuclear war and needs governments to take it as seriously. Scientists want to reduce emissions to drop back to 350 ppm and argue 450 are too dangerous."

Formisano, Ron (retired prof.) - United States

Foster, John Bellamy (Professor, Sociology, University of Oregon) - United States

Fowler, Bridget (Professor of Sociology) - United Kingdom
"I concur with others in thinking this issue is the most serious one facing the world's goverments at present, hand in hand with the dangerous insecurity posed by the holding and renewal of nuclear wea[...]"

Fowler, Bridget (Emeritus Professor of Sociology) - United Kingdom
"Sociologists have long studied the impact of the industrial revolution. Every society is entitled to their own version of this, but we now have to realise also the culminating global consequences for [...]"

Foxon, Tim (Academic Fellow) - United Kingdom

franco, david - Mexico

franken, riet (ethicus) - Netherlands

Frankenhuis, Maarten Theodoor (Retired director Amsterdam Zoo) - Netherlands
"Great initiative, but most important: direct the main effort on the US president and administration."

Freed, Janet (Chaplain) - United States

Freund, Veronique - France

Freyberg-Inan, Annette (Political Scientist) - Netherlands

Gajac, Isabelle (Professor) - France

García, Rafael (Advertiser) - Mexico

GARCIA, ERNEST (sociologist) - Spain

Garvelink, Emil (inventor) - Netherlands
"Price mechanisms w'ont work in time, but high CO2-tax will."

Gasper, Des (Associate Professor of Public Policy, International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

Gaudet, Ronald (Retired Engineer, Shell Oil) - United States
"Please implement the necessary changes to environmental processes to minimize and eventually correct adverse climate conditions."

Gaytan, Karen (Mother) - United States

Geense, Marian (civil engineer) - Netherlands
""Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!""

Gelber, Gerald (psychoanalyst) - United States

Genova, Louis - United States

George, Clive (Senior Research Fellow, University of Manchester) - United Kingdom

George, Susan (TNI Fellow) - France

Geraci, Joseph (Rare Book Dealer. Author.) - Netherlands

Gesù, Roberta (Student) - Italy

Gieles, Carien (docent muziek) - Netherlands
"voor onze kinderen en hun kinderen enz."

Gillie, Mary - United Kingdom

Gills, Barry (Professor of Global Politics) - United Kingdom
"Combating Global Climate change is the single most important issue in global politics today and one which has the potential to threaten human security and welfare in the most serious manner in the fut[...]"

Goethals, Ruben (IT) - Belgium

Gogol, Sheila (teacher) - Netherlands
"I hope it is not too late ..."

Goldfrank, Walter (Prof of Sociology & LALS) - United States

Goldson, Barry (Professor) - United Kingdom

Goldstein, Jan (Norman and Edna Freehling Professor of History, University of Chicago) - United States

Gomes, Cristina - Netherlands

gonzalez, LESLIE - United States

GONZALEZ, Martha (Real State) - Mexico
"I agree."

Gonzalez, Paulo (Industrial) - Mexico

gonzález, Rosa - Mexico

good, carol (retired) - United States

Gool, Vincent van - Netherlands

Gottstein, Magaret (Environmentalist) - Israel
"Nothing is more serious than to stop and reverse global warming. It is already affecting the whole world."

Gouda, Frances (Professor of History) - Netherlands

Goudberg, Albert (jurist) - Netherlands

Goudzwaard, Bob (emeritus Professor of Cultural Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit) - Netherlands
"Sterkte! Binnenkort komt parallel hieraan de "Verklaring van Tilburg" uit."

Gourgouris, Stathis (Professor of Comparative Literature, Columbia University) - United States

Graaf, Sjoukje de (receptioniste) - Netherlands

Graeber, David (anthropologist) - United Kingdom

Grandia, Liza (Assistant Professor, Clark University) - United States

Grant, Victoria (Scientist) - United Kingdom

Größler, Andreas (Associate Professor) - Netherlands

Green, Charles (Music Educator) - Netherlands
"It's time to take off the blinders and take out the ear plugs and hear and see what's going on !!!!This problem concerns us all"

Green, Laure - United States
"I am in full support."

Greenbaum, Allan - Canada

greenes, stacy

Grilli, sofia (student) - Italy

Grim, John (Professor) - United States
"With my wife, Professor Mary Evelyn Tucker, we work to bring about an ecological civilization that attends to the interdependence of life by linking action regarding climate change to knowledge in the[...]"

gritz, nevenka (artiste) - France
"let's be careful about the climate changes and also STOP WARS IN THE WORLD"

groen, coen (bedrijfsingenieur Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP). Start right now!!"

Groen, Maurits (Milieu & Communicatie, BV) - Netherlands

Groot, Anja de (Secretaresse) - Netherlands

Groot, Eelco de (program officer) - Netherlands

groot, gea - Netherlands

Groot, Mirjam de (scientist) - Netherlands

Guha, Sudeshna (Lecturer of South Asian History, Cambridge) - United Kingdom

Guimarães, João (Senior Lecturer in Local and Regional Development, Institute of Social Studies in The Hague) - Netherlands

Guin, Subir (self-employed business person) - Canada
"Anyone who denies humankind is the most destructive creature on this planet, is simply unaware of the extent of damage we are collectively inflicting on our shared planet. Educating our friends, nei[...]"

Guinee, Jeroen (Senior environmental researcher) - Netherlands

Gulick, John (Research Associate, Institute for Research on World-Systems) - United States

gutierrez, michelle (business woman) - Mexico
"Any help? I will be more than happy to support your petition in any way."

Gwynne, Edna - United Kingdom

Haan, Sietse de (leraar) - Netherlands

Hack, John (Strategic Planner retired) - United Kingdom

Hackett, Frances (Mother) - Ireland
"Fast and Effective Political Action is needed NOW to limit the use of fossil fuels!!!"

hacking, john (studentchaplain) - Netherlands

Haerkens, Sylvia (policy officer) - Netherlands

Hafkamp, Wim (Wetenschappelijk Directeur, Nicis Institute) - Netherlands

Hager, Lawrence C. (historian) - United States

hamann, bert (voorzitter Ver. vanZonneKracht Centrales) - Netherlands

hamann, bert (voorzitter vzkc) - Netherlands
"Ga over op zon- en windenergie nu het nog kan..."

Hammerschlag, Roel (Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute) - United States

Hancock, Lynn (Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Hankins, Richard (Engineer) - United Kingdom

Hardewijn, Ragna (campaigner) - Netherlands

Harding, David (Retired) - United Kingdom
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now! And start to make a difference!"

Harrison, Gwen - United Kingdom

harrison, keith - United States
"Dear Secretary General: Please pay close attention to this petition as it comes backed with thousands of concerned citizens who are convinced that urgent International action is need to halt the globa[...]"

Harroun, Leslie (Partners for a New Economy) - United States

Haverman, Alvani (verpleegkundige) - Netherlands

Hayes, Cherri - United States

Hayes, Graeme - United Kingdom

Hazeldine, Gary (University Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Hedemann-Robinson, Martin (Senior Lecturer in European Law) - United Kingdom
"I support the petition and urge states to redouble efforts to address climate change immediately with a view to meeting the Bali roadmap and implementing all measures necessary to react effectively to[...]"

Hees, annemarie van - Netherlands

Heetebrij, jan (Managing partner HBD) - Netherlands
"Elk initiatief dat bij kan dragen om tot actie over te gaan verdient steun"

Heidemann, Erik (Uitgever) - Netherlands

A. vander Heiden - Netherlands

C.E.H. vander Heiden (Office Manager) - Netherlands

Heijden, Hein-Anton van der (Political Science Department, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Laurens vander Heijden (historian) - Netherlands

Niek vander Heijden - Netherlands

Heijungs, Reinout (Assistant professor) - Netherlands

Heilbron, Johan (Professor Easmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

Heimovaara, Timo (Associate Professer Geo-environmental Engineering, Delft University of Technology) - Netherlands

Heinz, Annelise - United States

Hekma, gert (lecturer, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Hellendoorn, Guido - Netherlands

hellendoorn, myrtille (socioloog) - Netherlands

Helmig, Arja (Persvoorlichter) - Netherlands

Helmsing, Bert (Professor ISS/EUR) - Netherlands

Henke, Christopher (University Professor) - United States
"Please act now to address climate change."

Henry, Ykeda - Netherlands

Herkelrath, Maria - Netherlands

Hernandez Barberena, Erika Leticia (Arte-educadora) - Mexico

Herzenberg, Leonore (Professor) - United States

Herzenberg, Prof. Len (Professor, Stanford Medical School) - United States
"There is no question that we must stop global warming now or facecatastrophic climate changes soon"

Hessels, Laurens (AIO) - Netherlands

Heteren, Godelieve van (former MP Dutch Parliament, Director of Cordaid) - Netherlands

Heuer, Jennifer (Professor of History--University of Massachusetts Amherst) - United States

Hijmans, Maarten Jan (journalist) - Netherlands

Hilberdink, Titus (Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Hinojosa, Leonith (Researcher) - United Kingdom
"Fair climate-change policies permanently need to take into account that those who are more harmed with environmental damage, as well as with slowing-down growth, are poor people and poor nations."

Hintjens, Helen (Senior Lecturer in Development and Social Justice) - Netherlands
"To sign this petition is the very least we can do. Thanks for initiating it. "

Hissink, Gerrit (vrijwilliger) - Netherlands

Hobbes, M. (Knowledge Officer, HIVOS) - Netherlands

Hodgkinson, Anne - Netherlands

Hoedeman, Olivier (Researcher/Campaigner at Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)) - Netherlands

nora vander hoeven (forestcampaigner) - Netherlands

Hoffer, Maaike - Netherlands

Hoffman, Lane (Development Sociologist) - Netherlands

Hoffmann, Christa (Manager) - Mexico
"Congratulations! "

Hoffmann, Johanna (Management Consultant) - Canada

Hollier, Ann (Business consultant) - United States

Hollier, Piper RW (Tech. writer & environ. journalist) - Netherlands
"We need to somehow escalate the growing sense of public concern into a tangible sense of urgency and concrete action propelled by the realization that we have only a short time to make dramatic change[...]"

Holloway, John (Teacher) - United Kingdom
"The government should stop succumbing to corporate lobbying and propaganda and act now ."

Holmes, Tim - United Kingdom

Hommel, Guido (Offshore windenergy licensing employee) - Netherlands
"We all need to change are habits, civilians their daily consumer lives, the industry their profit-planet balance, governments their policies to accomodate and encourage this!"

Honselaar, Wim (professor) - Netherlands

Hood, Ian (worker) - United Kingdom

hooge, margriet de (rondvaartschipper) - Netherlands

Hoogenboom, Quintijn (docent computertoepassingen) - Netherlands

Hoogendijk, Willem (milieu-educator) - Netherlands

Hoogland, Carolien (Senior Researcher) - Netherlands
"Not that I think these people have any real power - otherwise they would have taken care of this a few years ago. But since it doesn't hurt..."

Hookes, David (Senior Research Fellow) - United Kingdom
"Increasing (Capitalist) consumption is an infantile disorder. How to tackle infantilism? and How can developing countries grow their economies without using fossil fuel? Relatively Easy to answer seco[...]"

Trudy vander Hoop (geen) - Netherlands
"Investeer in CSP (Concentrated Solar Power)."

Horwin, Diane (Retired)
"Please save the Planet, for my GrandChildren and Your GrandChildren. What a pity and shame on us if we the Adults didn't try for their sake to stop Global Warming."

Houttuin, Ybo - Netherlands

Howard, Jeff (Asst. Professor) - United States


Huffaker, Kirk (historic preservation) - United States

Huijbrechts, Paul (Manager IT) - Netherlands

Hunold, Christian (Professor) - United States

Huppes, Gjalt (Head department Industrial Ecology) - Netherlands
"Not just setting goals, but setting up adequate policies, which need more than cap and trade, and different from cap and trade."

Hyams, Keith (Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Exeter) - United Kingdom

Idema, Tom (PhD) - Netherlands

IJmker, Linda (Co-ordinator Young Friends of the Earth Netherlands) - Netherlands

Imamoglu, Atac (University Professor) - Switzerland

Ingen, Erik van (Academic researcher) - Netherlands

Ingraham, Anthony (Environmental educator) - United States
"Earth systems do not compromise with political bodies. I've had a career as an environmental educator for New York State Parks and with an aquatic eco-tour company. Human-caused climate change does no[...]"

Irzik, Gurol (Professor) - Turkey

Ivanova, Katya (PhD candidate) - Netherlands

Jacobs, Lily (Lid Europees Parlement) - Netherlands

Jacobs, Maarten (Assistant Professor Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Wageningen University) - Netherlands

Jaggard, Lyn - United Kingdom

Jain, Jambu Kumar (Social Worker - RDYTI - N G O - Kota - India) - India
" Yes I fully support to control greenhouse gas emissions. Jambu Kumar Jain ,Convener - RDYTI - 1 K22 , Dadabari Kota 324009 , Rajasthan , India"

Jakoboski, Jean - United States
"There are options to slow down climate warming that are good for our well-being now! Let's make it a priority."

Jansen, Jan V. (Retired) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now! "

jansen, stefan (student) - Netherlands
"good initiative!"

Jansen, Wicher (M.D.) - Netherlands
"Start investing 1% of global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power NOW."

Janssen, Maria (kunstenaar) - Netherlands

Janssen, Ursula (pastoraal werker) - Netherlands

Jas, Michael (Translator) - Netherlands

Jay, Mairi (Senior Lecturer, Environmental Planning(retired)) - New Zealand
"The latest estimates of CO2 emissions by the IEA are a cause for deep concern. They suggest that without a drastic reduction of fossil-fuel based energy, the planet is on track for an average temperat[...]"

Jay, Martin (Professor of History) - United States

Jenkins, Katie (Research Assisant/Student) - United Kingdom

Jenner, Helen - United Kingdom

Jenner, Peter - United Kingdom

Jense, Sven (filmmaker) - Netherlands
"The climate change problem might very well be solvable; mainly by shifting our energy regime from fossil to renewable, and changing meat production practices. Because of the inherent power that the ec[...]"

Jepma, Lutske (Beleidsadviseur) - Netherlands

Jessurun d'Oliveira, Hans Ulrich (emeritus professor of law and former chairman, interfaculty group for environmental sciences, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands
"Hoewel ik al een tijdje uit het actief beoefenen van het milieurecht en actiewezen ben gestapt gaat mij het voortbestaan van mensen op aarde nog wel degelijk aan het hart."


Johnson, Kay (Concerned citizen) - United States
"The need to address global warming is urgent!! "

Jones, Thomas (journalisst) - United Kingdom

jong, David de (business analyst) - Netherlands

Jongerius, Vincent (Student) - Netherlands

Jorgenson, Andrew (Environmental Sociologist) - United States

Joris, Willem (Academic staff) - Belgium

joshi, chitra (teacher) - India

jouhourian, france - France

Journet, Alan (Retired university professor (ecology, conservation biology, science methods)) - United States
"As a retired ecologist, it is my judgment that no issue confornting humanity is more important that addressing climate change. If it is not too late, which we have to assume to make any effort worthwh[...]"

Juffermans, Jan (Policy development officer Eco-centre De Kleine Aarde) - Netherlands
"We help to reduce the Dutch global footprint from 4,4 gha to about 1,8 gha, so including a drastic reduction of our climate footprint."

Junginger, Martin (Asisstant Professor) - Netherlands

Kahan, James (policy analyst) - United States

Kahn, Mary Ellen - United States

Kahn, Ph.D., Richard (Editor-in-Chief, Green Theory & Praxis: The Journal of Ecopedagogy) - United States
"Barbara Boxer please stop what you are doing (the Boxer-Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act) and listen!"

Kalis, Pamela (Environmental Education) - Netherlands

Kamil, Sasja (Teamleader/klimaatcoordinator Cordaid) - Netherlands

kampadis, panagiotis - Greece

Kamphorst, Eva (Scientific Communication / - France
"Great initiative!"

Kamphorst, Hendrick (retired) - Belgium
"The alternative is no option."

Kamphorst, Hendrick (retired) - Belgium
"Awareness, guts, dedication and balance are our tools.Greed, ignorance and destruction the focus of our struggle.May evolution take a positive turn again!"

kampstra, joke (receptioniste) - Netherlands

Kanter, Catherine (Attorney) - United States

kanter, josh (vp) - United States

Kaplan, Richard L. (Editor/writer-- Hispanic Business Magazine) - United States
"Action is needed. Thanks"

Karapanos, Charalampos (chief editor of the orthodox ecclesiastical-musician magane "ΤΟ ΨΑΛΤΗΡΙ") - Greece
"its important for the humanity, for our "mother" earth to act now drastically and internationally. "

Karapanos, Theodoros (President of the Greek Musician Company editor of the ecclesiastical-musician magazine "to psaltiri") - Greece
"no other way except acting now!!!"

Kat, Arriette (ING FM Contractmanager) - Netherlands

Kater, Leonard (secr. Stichting EMMA) - Netherlands

Kaufmann, Marc - Luxembourg
"Excellent initiative!"

Kaye, Danielle (Member, Scientists for Global Responsibility) - United Kingdom

Köhler, Frank (General Director Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands)) - Netherlands

Künzel, Rudi (historicus) - Netherlands

Kekalainen, Esa - Finland

Keller, Erica (Sociologist) - Netherlands
"Please stop the waste of energy and provide a good future to the next generation."

Keller, Gerta (Professor) - United States

Keller, Jaap (veterinarian) - Netherlands

Keller, Jaap (Veterinair) - Netherlands
"Hope for a better world"

kemenade, ton van (ondernemer) - Netherlands

Kendall, Katharine - United States

Kessel, Louis van (lecturer/professional coach) - Netherlands

Keulartz, Jozef (Professor of Philosophy) - Netherlands

Keyser, Christine (breathing) - United States
"Let's protect our beautiful planetary home for all creatures and ecosystems."

Keysers, Loes (lecturer) - Netherlands

Conny vander Kieft (Personeelsfunctionaris) - Netherlands

Kijlstra, Hanneke (journalist) - Netherlands

King, David - United Kingdom

Kinna, Ruth (Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Kirk, Jacqueline (housewife/retired receptionist) - United Kingdom
"Public transport must be improved andmade affordable to encourage people to leave cars at home"

Kirk, Jacqueline (wildlife group committee member) - United Kingdom

Marcel vander Klaauw (Programmamedewerker Investeringen Den Haag Internationale Stad, Gemeente Den Haag) - Netherlands

Ineke vander Klaauw-Klein Breteler - Netherlands

klap, robert (senior citizen) - Netherlands

Kleinen, John (Associate Professor) - Netherlands

Klinckhamers, Pavel - Netherlands

Klinken, Gerry van (Permanent research fellow, KITLV, Leiden) - Netherlands

Klinken, Johan van (physicist) - Netherlands
"Ik attendeer graag op een ethiek met ook niet-anthropocentrische componenten: "Sharing the Planet" met "Al wat leeft" en zeer bedreigd wordt."

Kloeber, Jevne - United States

Klok, Joop (Koel Technicus) - Netherlands

Knight, Robert (University Lecturer) - United Kingdom
"Please act now, for the sake of our childrena and grandchildren."

Knol, Hans (Universitair docent) - Netherlands

Knowland, Nic (cinematographer) - United Kingdom
"we must all do our bit. I ask the politicians, law makers and business people to unite and start applying the already available solutions. Large and small scale renewable generation of electricity mus[...]"

Koch, Max (Associate Professor) - Sweden

kodde, kees (campaigns director Milieudefensie) - Netherlands

Koelet, Suzana (Researcher) - Belgium

Kofman, Eleonore (Professor) - United Kingdom

Koldeweij, Caroline (ondernemer) - Netherlands
"Fantastisch Initiatief. Laten we hopen dat het nog niet te laat is en dat door deze site zoveel mogelijk mensen en organisaties zich aan kunnen sluiten en dit initiatief doorgeven. "


Kolko, Joyce - Netherlands

Koning, Rieneke (Medewerker Vrijwilligers) - Netherlands

Bram vander Kooij (Werktuigkundige) - Netherlands
"Geen akkers maar woestijn voor energie."

Ria vander Kooij - Netherlands

Koperberg, Astrid (Vrijwilligersmanager) - Netherlands

Koppelaar, Rembrandt (student) - Netherlands

Korf, Dick (Inovatie manager) - Netherlands
"Ik ben druk bezig met Nulpuntenergie wat op punt van doorbreken staat! 0%CO2 en 0gram fossiele brandstof nodig!"

Kortekaas, Marcel (Patent attorney) - Netherlands

Kowalewski, Michael (Professor of English & Environmental Studies) - United States

Kraetke, Michael (Political Science Department, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

kraker,, wilbert de (docent EC, AK, DU, stages) - Netherlands
"IEA in 2050 + 60% CO2,Dat is als alles doorgaat zoals nu.maar blijft het daarbij? 60% extra co2 is volgens IPCC extra 6 graden opwarming.Plus ontbossing, plus ontdooien permafrost?Dan zou de temperatu[...]"

Krammer, Martin - Austria

Kreeft, Evelien (student) - Netherlands
"we hebben maar een wereld, besef je dat eens!"

Kreeft, Nelleke (Student) - Netherlands

Krijgsveld - Nekker, Addi de (bezorgde wereldburger) - Netherlands
"Support CSP. Invest 1% of global GDP in concentrating solar power. "

Krijgsveld Nekker, Addie de - Netherlands

kristensen, niels (dtp-er) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!"

Krivtsov, Vladimir (Research Fellow, Edinburgh University) - United Kingdom

Kroese, Ellen - Netherlands

Krona, Kjell (Senior Engineer) - Sweden

Kruijt, O.G. - Netherlands
"Import solar energy from southern states"

Kuipers, Giselinde (sociologist, University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Belgium

Kuipers, Kirsten (Radboud University Nijmegen - Researcher Sustainable Development) - Netherlands

Kusmallah, Nebil Ahmed (Student) - Eritrea

Kvåle, Gunnar (Professor emeritus) - Norway

Kwa, Chunglin (Lecturer University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

la Rive Box, Louk de (Professor of International Cooperation) - Netherlands

laaman, tracy - Australia

laan, margreet (laanadvies) - Netherlands

Labrie, Arnold (professor Cultural History) - Netherlands

LaCapra, Dominick (Professor of History) - United States
"I stongly agree with the effort to control greenhouse gas emissions."

Lagendijk, Arnoud (University Teacher) - Netherlands

Lajosi-Moore, Krisztina (Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Lammes, Sybille (Assistant Professor Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University (UU)) - Netherlands

LaMontagne, Wayne (Scientist) - United States

LaMontagne, Wayne (Educator) - United States

landau, saul (writer) - United States
"fellow of transnational institute"

Lang, Graeme (Professor of Sociology, City University of Hong Kong) - Hong Kong

lange, bram de (Sales Consultant) - Netherlands

Lant, Antonia (Professor) - United States

Laocharoenwong, Jiraporn (Sociologist) - Thailand

LARDET, Pierre (Scientific Research) - France

Lash, Andre (citizen) - United States
"I regret to say that the present administration of my own country is one of the main problems in this issue. Please know that there are MANY (in the millions) of us American citizens who do NOT agree [...]"

laufer, leopold (physician) - United States
"Any political goal short of achieving planetary CO2 levels at 320 to 350 ppm within the next 20-25 years is unacceptable and not in accord with the current scientific data."

Laumann, Arthur (bachelor of communication) - Netherlands

Laurijssen, Ilse (sociologist - researcher) - Belgium

Lausas, Tellu (Service Desk Greenpeace) - Netherlands

Löwensteyn, Machteld (Historian of Visual Culture) - Netherlands

Leemans, Rik (Professor of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University) - Netherlands

Leendertse, Roel - Netherlands

Leenhoff, Jan Willem van (environmentalist) - Netherlands
"Stop climate change!"

Leerssen, Joep (Professor of European Studies) - Netherlands

Leerssen, Patrick James (PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

henk vander leest (beleidsadviseur) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) – start right now!"

Lemert, Charles (Andrus Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University) - United States
"Thanks for doing this"

lente, dick van (university teacher) - Netherlands

Lentin, Alana (Senior Lecturer, Sociology) - United Kingdom

Leonard, Liam (Editor - Ireland
"Signed in support of controlling greenhouse gas emissions"

Lerho, Luciana (Student) - Germany

Lerner, Ruth (Doctor) - United States

Leroux, Benoît (Web tailor / - France

Leroux, Christophe (Professor) - France

Lewis, Bethan - United Kingdom

Lewis, George (Reader in American History) - United Kingdom

Lewis, lionel (emeritus professor) - United States
"An excellent idea."

Liao, Wenjie (PhD researcher) - Netherlands
"Ignorance of the risks we face as well as indifference to the well-being of future generations are evil."

Lidarti, Gabriella - Italy

Liebregts, Peter (Professor of Literatures in English, Leiden University) - Netherlands

Liefferink, Duncan (senior researcher environmental policy) - Netherlands

Liem, G.I. (econoom) - Netherlands

Lier, Arno van (Boekhouder) - Netherlands
"Responsible people for the wellbeing of our planet, give the next generations a fair chance.PLEASE, WAKE UP AND CUT THE CRAP !!!"

Liger, Adrien (Citoyen du monde) - France

Ligthart, Jan (heavily concerned citizen of earth) - Netherlands
"politicians, start action now, stop talking now, many viable technologies exist, invest e.g. in 'concentrating solar power' in Sahara."

Ligthert, Steven (Student) - Netherlands

Limoli, Roberta - United States

Lennart vander Linde - Netherlands

Martijn vander Linden (Coordinator Platform DSE) - Netherlands

Lint, Maja de - Netherlands

Linton, April (Assistant Professor of Sociology) - United States

Lipietz, Alain (Member of European Parliament) - France

Litfin, Karen (Professor, Political Science) - United States

Little, Oisin ( - United Kingdom

Lohbeck, madelon (student) - Netherlands
"I am concerned, this is something that needs strong action urgently, from all levels, also -especially- from supragovernemental level!"

Louw, Greet (secretary) - Belgium

Lovely, Carolyn (Nurse) - United Kingdom

Loy, David (Professor) - United States
"Immediate action is urgently needed!"

lozada, hernando (Promotor Cultural) - Mexico
"Importantisimo detener el deterioro de nuestro planeta."

Lubbers, simone (project manager communication) - Netherlands

Lucas, Andrew - United States

Lucas, Caroline (MEP) - United Kingdom

Luijtelaer, Jeroen van (Developer concentrating solar power) - Netherlands

Luttervelt, Peter van (board member Global Action Plan Int) - Netherlands
"empower each other for sustainable behavior change"

M, Bea - United States

Ma, Paule (cuentista) - Belgium
"la vida esta hecha de retos. Enfrentemolos."

Maanen, Rob van (zelfstandig ondernemer) - Netherlands
"wat zou het mooi zijn als we de koers konden verleggen en de aarde liefdevol gingen bejegenen"

Maarten, Romijn (gepensioneerd) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global G.D.P in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)- start right now."

Maas, Frank (teacher) - Netherlands

Macfadyen, Amyan (Retired Professor of Biology) - United Kingdom
"Immediate action to reverse climate change is essential. This implies a reversal of economic growth and major changes of lifestyle for all of us. "

MacPherson, James - Canada

Maeckelbergh, Marianne (Lecturer) - Netherlands

majic, marta (yogaleerares) - Netherlands

Mak, Geert (writer and historian) - Netherlands

Makhija, Kiran - India

Malbranche, Isabelle (Restaurant owner in Moorea) - French Polynesia
"It is a right for the people to know the truth based on all scenarios - best and worst !!! And our actions should be based on the worst case scenario !! If we fail, what are we going to say to our chi[...]"

Malenka, Steve (Alive) - Netherlands
"Do something to keep mother earth in tact and change the way GREED runs our cultures!"

Malkin, Alison (Concerned Citizen) - United States

mallory, mike - United States

Mancuso, Maria Aurora (studentessa) - Italy

Mann, Angele (Fondsenwerver) - Netherlands

Markerink, Karin (student) - Netherlands

Markwick, Roger (Senior lecturer, History, University of Newcastle) - Australia

Marliere, Philippe (Senior Lecturer in French & European politics) - United Kingdom

Marres, Noortje (Academic) - Netherlands

Martell, Luke (University Teacher) - United Kingdom

Martens, Karel (Universitair Docent) - Netherlands

Martens, Theadora (Financial Projects Officer) - Australia
"Get moving and do something - "


Martinez-Alier, Joan (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Member of the Scientific Committee, European Environment Agency, Past-President, International Society for Ecological Economics) - Spain

Martinez-Esteve, Alejandro (Architect) - United States
"I unequivocally support this petition."

Martinez-Esteve, Melissa - United States

marttinez, luisana (secretaria) - Venezuela
"de veradad estoy de acuerdo, debemos hacer algo, por favorecer a la tierra a beneficio de nosotros."

Martz, Laura (editor) - United States

Marwijk, Ramona van (Assistant Professor Socio Spatial Analysis, Wageningen University) - Netherlands

Mastrocola, Alessandro - Italy

Mattsen, John (Ordinary person who is capable of doing truly extraordinary things.) - United States

Mayers, David (professor of History, Boston Univ.) - United States

Maze, Hildy (Artist) - United States

Möller, Emil (promotie-onderzoeker terzake) - Netherlands

Mügge, Daniel - Netherlands

McBain, Bonnie (Scientist) - Australia

McCain, Christy (Professor of Ecology, University of Colorado at Boulder) - United States

McCroskey, Lenora (University professor) - United States
"Education is the key to understanding. It is important that you address climate change as well as warming. Many people believe, because some areas are colder, that we are just going through a normal[...]"

McDevitt-Pugh, Martha (Founder and Chair, Love Exiles Foundation) - Netherlands

McDonald, Kevin (Professor and Marie Curie International Fellow) - United Kingdom

McKibben, Bill (scholar in residence in environmental studies, Middlebury College) - United States
"We should link this up with in as many ways as possible."

McNamara, Katherine (author and editor) - United States

McQuarrie, Michael (Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of California, Davis) - United States

Medeiros, Susan (administrative assistant) - Netherlands

Meerkerk, Bart van (energie expert en bestuurslid van stichting Peakoil Nederland) - Netherlands
"Zet serieus in op de verdere eenwording van de Europese elektriciteitsmarkt en de grootschalige exploitatie van windenergie (met name ook offshore) en Concentrating Solar Power vanuit Noord-Afrika."

Meerman, Joost (Self Employed) - Netherlands

Meijer, Edwin (Consultant) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!""

Meissner, Dieter (University Professor) - Estonia

Mejía Vieyra, José Alberto (Ambientalista 2012) - Mexico
"Alto a la masacre de nuestro planeta, alto ahora o pasaremos a la historia como una humanidad inconsciente que se autodestruyo."

Melis, Yvette (strategisch marketeer) - Netherlands

Mendes-Flohr, Paul (historian of ideas) - Israel

Mercer, Annette (Concerned citizen, clean energy researcher (2oc) and general activist) - United Kingdom
"Like many people I'm desperately worried at the slow speed of response to the threats facing us and the continued efforts of climate change deniers and other vested interests and further hindering our[...]"

Mertes, Tom (Bicyclist) - United States

Metz, Dr Paul E. (voorzitter e5 - European Business Council for Sustainable Energy) - Netherlands
"Een verwijzing naar Peak Oil, die de paniekerige omschakeling naar steenkool versnelt, mag niet ontbreken. "

Meucci, Sandra (Citizen) - United States

Debbie vander Meulen (HR Consultant) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now"

meulenveld, frits - Netherlands

Meulenveld-de Koning, Joke - Denmark
"goed initiatief"

Meyer, Aubrey (Director, Global Commons Initiative) - United Kingdom

Meyer, G.M. (therapist) - Netherlands
"Deze kwestie is hoogst urgent!"

Michiels Kessenich, Liduine van (vertaalster) - Netherlands

Miguel y Carvallo, Arturo (Health Practitioner) - Mexico

Mills, Hannah (Concerned Citizen) - Canada
"I am terrified for our future, and don't want to look back with shame at the apathy of our human race. I am only 18 years old, and trying to figure out the most constructive way that I can change thin[...]"

Mills, Melinda (Professor) - Netherlands

Miner, Dorothy - United States

Minnesma, Marjan (Directeur) - Netherlands

Mion, Giacomo (Architect) - Italy

Miralles, Emeterio (Jubilado) - Suriname

Miralles, Ivonne (Pharmacist) - Spain

Mitchell, Sue (Teacher (retired) and webmistress.) - United Kingdom
"Educate the young. It is their world and their lives that are threatened. Educate the parents. It is their children's world and their children's lives that are threatened. Do we really want a dying[...]"

Mitzman, Arthur (Emeritus professor of history) - Netherlands

Mitzman, Jonathan (Software Engineer) - United States

Mombers, Ben (zelfstandig) - Austria
"Invest 1% of global GDP inConcentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now !"

Monro, John (General Practitioner) - New Zealand
"What is there to say? We only have one planet, one home, one refuge. And we are treating our beautiful bounteous home like a rubbish bin. Even the meanest creature knows not to foul his own nest. We s[...]"

Montague, Peter (editor and writer) - United States
"To stop global warming, stop coal. To stop coal, stop carbon capture and storage. "

Moore, Gene (Associate Professor emeritus) - Netherlands

Moore, Karen (Research Associate, Chronic Poverty Research Centre) - United Kingdom

Moors, Dr. E.H.M. (Departement Innovatie en Milieuwetenschappen, Universiteit Utrecht) - Netherlands

Mora Aira, Josefa (History Teacher/ and Writer) - Venezuela
"La corresponsabilidad es un compromiso compartido con todo lo que nos rodea. Es deber de la raza humana, cuidar lo que se nos dio, para preservarlo, disfrutarlo y poder heredarlo a futuras generacion[...]"

Mora, Diego (green consultant) - Colombia

Morales, Patricia (Project Coordinator at UNESCO Chair on Building Sustainable Peace) - Belgium

Moreels, Sarah (doctoraatsbursaal) - Belgium

Moreno, Alvaro (Researcher) - Netherlands

Moss, Chris (Computer scientist) - United Kingdom

Mottier, Veronique (Director of Studies, Jesus College, Cambridge) - United Kingdom

Moussally, Jean-Pierre (Ingénieur) - France

Muñoz, Luis Manuel (Astrólogo) - Mexico
"Es importante tomar conciencia de todo esto."

Mucciolo, Antonio - Italy

Mukherji, Nirmalangshu (University Teacher) - India

Muller, Theo (retired) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and start right now!"

Muller, Theo Albert (pensionado) - Netherlands
"Ik heb alle redenen er niet meer in te geloven, maar toch volhouden!"

Mungiardi Hackett, Shawnagh (student) - Ireland

Murray, Douglas (Co-Director, Center for Fair and Alternative Trade Studies, Colorado State University) - United States

Mutsaers, Charlotte (novelist) - Netherlands

myers, stans (zelfstandig ondernemer) - Netherlands

Mythen, Gabriel (University Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Naaijkens, Els (Historicus) - Netherlands

Nagel, Femke - Netherlands

Nagtglas, B.C en C.W - Netherlands
"Samen moet het lukken"

Nagtglas, Jetske (Trainer) - United Kingdom

Nakra, Swati - India


nash, kate (lecturer) - United Kingdom

Nederveen Pieterse, Jan (Professor) - United States

Negrete Fragoso, Saúl (Instructor de Buceo) - Mexico

Nelson, Ester Ellen (One Concerned) - United States

Newell, Lucila - United Kingdom

Newell, Peter (Professor of Development Studies) - United Kingdom

Newman, Gavin (Cameraman) - United Kingdom

Newman, Harry (writer) - United States

Nguyen, My Linh (Program Officer) - Viet Nam
"I want to support the appeal for international action to halt climate change."

Nicholson, George (Literary Agent) - United States

Nielsen, Jens (environmental campaigner) - Netherlands

nigam, priti (student) - United Kingdom
"stop climate change! make CO2 emissions reductions mandatory and more stringent and effective!"

Noothout, Paul (Junior Researcher UU) - Netherlands

Norgaard, Kari (Professor of Sociology) - United States

Nyst, Hans - Netherlands
"For energysupply it is necessary to get the sun involved."

Nyst, Marleen (Earth Scientist) - United States
"I agree with my dad"

O'Brien, Jeffrey (Actor) - Canada
"Our planet is too important and precious to delay action. Governments must take affirmative action towards restrictions and sanctions on their citizens and force proactivity, change and education."

O'Rourke, Dara (Professor, University of California, Berkeley) - United States

Obach, Brian (Professor of Sociology, SUNY New Paltz) - United States

Ochoa, Gilberto - Mexico

Offe, Claus (sociologist) - Germany

Oktem, Sevinc Figen (engineer) - Turkey

Okyay, Ali (Assist. Prof) - Turkey

oldrid, samantha - United States

Oliver, Christopher - United States

oloughlin, patrick - Spain

Olson, Ronald Gene (world citizen) - Brazil

omer, yael - Israel

Oosten, Jan van (retired) - Netherlands
"Give our children what they deserve. A perfect climate on earth."

Oosterhuis, Harry (Lecturer) - Netherlands

Oosterhuis, Huub (priester/dichter) - Netherlands

opschoor, hans (j.b.) (emeritus professor of environmental economics) - Netherlands

Oren, Ram (Professor) - United States

Orr, David (Environmental Studies, Oberlin College) - United States

Orr, Linda (Professor of French, Emeritus) - United States
"Good work. I hope you can expand it beyond the EU."

Osborn, Jeremy (Co-coordinator, - United States

Otten, Annemarieke (Utrecht University) - Netherlands

Outhwaite, William (Professor of Sociology) - United Kingdom

Ouwehand, Joop (Hogeschooldocent/onderzoeker) - Netherlands

ouwejan, hans (directeur CIP) - Netherlands
"My greatest solution is: Invest 1 % of global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and start right now! "

Overbeek, Maria (Initiator MO-ArTs/Kunst en Kennis) - Netherlands
"Invest 1 % of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)-start right now !"

Oxford, Mariska - Netherlands

oyen, cynthia (manager) - Netherlands

Ozaktas, Haldun (Professor) - Turkey

Ozdamar, Seckin (PhD researcher) - Netherlands

Padilla, Lawrence A.

Pahissa, Marta (Environmental worker) - Spain

Pajek, Bozena (stichting gezen sympathisant) - Netherlands

Palgrave, Robert (Engineer) - United Kingdom

Pandey, Jayanti - India

Panourgia, Neni (Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University) - United States

Pater, Florrie de (climate researcher) - Netherlands

Pater, Norman (new economy businessman) - Australia

Pattipeilohy, Peter (video producer) - Netherlands

Pauli, Carl (Student) - Belgium

Pauli, Laurenz-Frederik (Student) - Belgium

Paulle, Bowen (Assist Prof Sociology, Univ of Amsterdam) - Netherlands
"Time for bold action. Doing nothing is no option. As Al Gore said, we must hear the call of our future children, and we must have real leadership now. "

Pavlopoulos, Dimitris (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Free University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Pearne, Sally (Psychologist) - United States
"If we do not act to care for our earth we will lose the opportunity and future to care for ourselves and one another."

Peeters, Eva - Belgium

Pellegrini, Lorenzo (University Lecturer) - Netherlands

Pellow, David - United States

Pendarvis, Richard (Professor of Chemistry) - United States
"As a scientist (Ph.D. chemistry) I get tired of politicians telling me what scientists think. I think this is an urgent matter. It may already be too late to do anything in time."

Penninkhof, Dick (predikant) - Netherlands

Peper, Bram (assistent professor) - Netherlands

Perlstein, James N. (Executive Counci, Profesional Staff Congress, American Federation of Teachers Local #2334) - United States
"Function for identification purposes only"

perlzweig, naomi (teacher, writer) - Netherlands
"I'm grateful for any serious initative taken on this most vital issue."

Perrin, Andrew (Associate Professor of Sociology) - United States

Perrot, Michelle (Prof.emeritus University of Paris.) - France
"Je signe la pétition."

Peters, Ruud (professor) - Netherlands

Petre, Dragos (Management Accountant) - Netherlands

Pettifor, Ann (Director, Operation Noah) - United Kingdom

Phillips, Derek (Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Phillips, Kimberly - United States

Picard, Delphine (Teacher) - France

Pieters, Veerle (student UvA) - Netherlands

Plasencia, Rosa (Teacher) - Mexico
"I am convinced that if we join our efforts and voices, we'll be heard. I hope so and act in consequence. Thank you for your concern"

Ploem, Rachel (Program Manager) - Netherlands

Podjed, Debra (musician) - United States
"Every action -- big or small -- will help."

Pol, Dehert (regisseur) - Belgium

Polenberg, Richard (Noll Professor of History, Cornell Univ) - United States

Pollack, Rachel (citizen) - United States

Pon, David (Head of Department of Sustainability) - Spain

Ponsetti, Anthea - United States
"I feel strongly about this issue. I live in Florida where every day I am reminded of the problems we face with global warming. Hurricanes, lowest on record levels of water in Lake Okeechobbe, continue[...]"

Ponsetti, Anthea - United States
"We want you to declare your commitment to a real, drastic and internationally concerted effort to control greenhouse gas emissions!! Not by nuclear, "clean" coals ooff shore drilling but by sound prac[...]"

Poorter, Lourens (University staff member) - Netherlands

Postmes, Ton
"We moeten de 2-3 % van de oceaan met ijzer bemesten zeewier groei oogsten en naar de bodem van de oceaan laten zinken.Als we dat nalaten zijn we schuldig."

Potman, Ingrid (Care of mentally handicapped persons) - Netherlands
"I agree totaly with this petition! I am really concerned about our living circumstances in the near future!"

Potts, Donna - United States

Price, Adam (Attorney) - United States

Price, Gary (Legal Consultant) - Netherlands
"Vital and necessary movement."

Price, Rebecca - United States

Prins, Bregje - Netherlands

Prins, Frances (zelfstandige) - Netherlands

Prins, Frances - Netherlands

Prins, Jeroen (IT consultant) - Netherlands
"Good luck with your plan."

Pronk, Anne-Marie (redacteur) - Netherlands
"In het vrije rijke gedeelte van de aarde doorgaan op de oude voet, is met alles wat we weten, de grootst mogelijke daad van decadentie."

Pronk, Gera (Informaticus) - Netherlands

Pronk, Jan (Chairman, IKV (Interchurch Peace Council)) - Netherlands

Pseaume, Yanide (Purchasing Manager) - France

Jan vander Putten (directeur Eyes on China) - Netherlands


Quinn, Graeme (Artist,) - South Africa
"Bob Marley once wrote; "total destruction is the only solution" In light of the Great Purification, I would think this to be correct, what else will make the humans change thier insatiable greed and a[...]"

Rader, Bodhi (Student) - United States

Radice, Louisa (meteorologist) - United Kingdom

Radings, Matt - Australia

Raijmakers, Marco (Citizen, Inventor.) - Netherlands
"Do it now, there is no choice"

Raj, Anasuya (Student) - France

Raj, Arjoun (Student) - France

Raj, Kapil (Professor - History of science) - France

Raj, Rama (Research physicist) - France

Raman J, Sri (Journalism) - India

Rameckers, Sjoerd - Netherlands
""Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!""

Randeraad, Nico (Lecturer in history) - Netherlands

Raudszus, Henriette (student) - Netherlands

RAUF, Farhan (Public Health Coordinator) - Pakistan

Ravensbergen, Margreet (Intensive Care Nurse) - Netherlands

Raza, Noman - Pakistan

Razoux Schultz, Louis (pensioned agriculturist) - Netherlands
"The gradual disappearance of a habitat, either by warming up of the earth or directly by human activities, endangers not only the existence of the polar bear or the orangutan, but the whole network of[...]"

Reader, Keith (Professor) - United Kingdom

Reedijk, Joost (DGA) - Netherlands

Reeker, Jacqueline (manager) - Netherlands

Reep, Ton van de (Klimaatcampagne Hillegom) - Netherlands

Regout, C.N.L.M. - Netherlands

Reijnders, Lucas (professor of environmental science) - Netherlands

Reijners, Petra (Programma Verantwoordelijke Cordaid) - Netherlands

REIMERS, Traute (Controlling) - Mexico
"It would be great to get the whole world to do something, including the nations who believe they are powerful; they should set the example to do good things for once."

Reinarman, Craig (Professor of Sociology) - United States

Reinders, Casper (Club owner) - Netherlands

Reinders, M - Netherlands

reitsma, elies (onderwijzeres) - Netherlands

Rendón, Gerardo - United States

Resurreccion, Bernadette (Associate Professor) - Thailand

Riedl, Markus - Austria

riele, harry te (consultant) - Netherlands

Rigney, Ann (academic) - Netherlands

Rijk, Mirjam de (Director, Stichting Natuur en Milieu) - Netherlands

Rijk, Peer de (Director, World Information Service on Energy) - Netherlands
"Mooi initiatief. Ik zit ook actief in CoolClimate, synergie/afstemming zeer wenselijk."

rijzinga, eltjo - Netherlands

Rijzinga, Ton (Gepensioneerd) - Netherlands
"Investeer flink in Concentrating Solar Power(CSP). Investeer ook in de betrekkingen met de Noordafrikaanse Midellandse-Zee-landen. Enthousiasmeer allochtone landgenoten die afkomstig zijn uit Noordafr[...]"

Rivera, Amalia (Ingeniero Mécanico) - Mexico
"Cuidemos el futuro de nuestros hijos"

Robbe, Geertje (Team Assistent) - Netherlands

robert, william (-) - France

ROBERTS, Lissa (historian of science and technology) - Netherlands

Robinson, Geoffrey (Professor of History) - United States

Robinson, Mike (Chair Stop Climate Chaos Scotland) - United Kingdom

robinson, paul (professor) - United States

Roehm, Michael - United States

Roelfsema, Steven (sound engineer/software developer) - Netherlands
"The technology for Concentrating Solar Power is readily available and has been since 1912! No excuses: read about it on We have no excuse to wait with investing in CSP and (intercontinen[...]"

roest, wouter (gepens.) - Netherlands

Rombaut, Jeroen (Translator) - Belgium

Rootes, Christopher (Professor of Environmental Politics, University of Kent) - United Kingdom

Rosa, Eugene (Professor) - United States
"We must not delay as delay introduces far greater uncertainty and vulnerability."

Roscam Abbing, Michiel (ondernemer/onderzoeker) - Netherlands
"support CSP and the transition from oil to electrical driven means of transport, and combine the two"

Rosen, Richard (Tellus Institute) - United States

Rosenthal, Rob (Professor of Sociology) - United States

Rosner, Leora (Netwerk Groene Daken) - Netherlands
"My motto: If we don't start planting we are fighting only half the battle! Besides lowering emissions we must begin planting to lower the emissions already in the atmosphere! We must plant all flat ro[...]"

Ross, Andrew (New York University) - United States

Rotmans, Jan (Professor in transitions and transition management, Drift, Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

Rouffignac, Ann de (former professor economics University of St. Thomas Houston) - United States
"One more petition can only help. "

Rouwette, Etiënne - Netherlands

Rowlands, Alison (Senior Lecturer in History, University of Essex) - United Kingdom

Rowley, ross and coleen - United States

Rubin, Gail (Concerned Citizen) - United States
"Please make this commitment a top priority."

Rubin, Steven (editor) - United States

Rucht, Dieter (Professor of Sociology) - Germany

Rudnick Luft, Sandra (Professor) - United States

Ruitenberg, Olga - Netherlands

Ruiz-Slater, Marina (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, student, Kutzari (leatherback turtle conservation in México)) - Mexico

Runhaar, Hens (Universitair docent Milieuwetenschappen) - Netherlands

Rutter, Maria (Translator) - United States

Ruwhof, Peter (ICT manager) - Netherlands

Sachdeva, Aakanksha - India

Sahin, Umit (Green Party of Turkey) - Turkey

Sahlins, Peter (Professor of History) - United States
"University of California, Berkeley"

Salado, Rocio (Environmental consultant) - United Kingdom

Salazar, Alberto (researcher, teacher) - Mexico

Salazar, Dr. Noel B. (Anthropologist) - Belgium

Salcedo, Graciela (Management Consultant) - Puerto Rico

salgado, paulina - Mexico

Saloul, Ihab (Assistant professor comparative literature) - Palestinian Territory, Occupied

saltiel, alberto (veterinario) - Mexico

Samsom, Diederik (member of Parliament) - Netherlands
"Prachtig initiatief."

Sanchez, Miguel (Industrial) - Mexico
"En paises como Mexico no contamos con el apoyo de "ciclovias" para poder usar transportes como bicicletas y dejar el automovil, seria de gran apoyo a la causa que los Gobiernos apoyen con esta infraes[...]"

Sanders, Joop (Gepensioneerd bouwkundige) - Netherlands
"Fosiele brandstof is in de toekomst hard nodig om er kunststof van te maken aangezien o.a. ijzer schaars wordt dus de olielanden blijven hun inkomsten houden."

Santen, José C.M. van (Lecturer at Leiden University) - Netherlands
"Most glad with this initiative. We need to convince politicians who only seem to have an eye for electoral gains and short time solutions"

Santillanes, Arturo (Gral. Mgr.) - Mexico

Sarin, Madhu (Psychoanalyst, philosopher) - India

Sas, Sicco van (ICT'er) - Netherlands

Saunders, Clare - United Kingdom

saunier, pierre yves - France

Savornin Lohman, Lex de (Juridisch medewerker Milieufederatie) - Netherlands
"Leiderschap loont: als jij het spoor trekt, kunnen anderen makkelijker volgen."

Sayer, Andrew (Professor) - United Kingdom
"Stop fiddling while the globe burns!"

Saynez, Monica (housewife) - Mexico
"We do need to stop this problem for our future generations wellbeing"

Sánchez, Alejandro (Marketing) - Mexico
"Lets make a difference!!"

Scanavini, Silvia (employee) - Germany
"It is very important to act to defend our Earth. Deforestations in underdeveloped countries,for ex., are caused by Western countries! We have to find other ways to produce energy, to dispose our waste[...]"

Scarano, Francisco (Professor of History) - United States

Schaap, Andrew (Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Schauffler, M. (Ass't Professor, Earth Sciences) - United States

Schibel, Karl-Ludwig (Coordinator, Climate Alliance Italy) - Italy

Schiffrin, André (publisher) - United States

Schinkel, Willem (Sociologist, Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

Schipper, Rolf (Campaigner, Greenpeace Netherlands) - Netherlands

Schmid, Markus - Netherlands

Schober, Pia (Postdoctoral research fellow) - United Kingdom

Schols, Philip (Global Divestment Day Coordinator Netherlands) - Netherlands

Scholten, Jonne (Management trainee) - Netherlands
"Stop climate change before its too late!!"

Schoppink, Kim (Toxics campaigner - Greenpeace) - Netherlands

Schot, Paul (Associate Professor Environmental Sciences) - Netherlands

Schouten, Miranda (education) - Netherlands

schreur, piet (gepensioneerd) - Netherlands

Schrier, Arjan (Huismeester) - Netherlands
""Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!""

Schuller, Robert (fysiotherapeut) - Netherlands
"Hoop op een schonere werelddoet leven."

Schuyt, Claes (Industrial Hygienist) - Netherlands

Schuyt, Mijarca (Facilitair Beheerder) - Netherlands

Schwartz, Jonathan (retired professor, anthropology) - Denmark

Scott, Joanna (writer) - United States

Scrieciu, Serban (Research associate) - United Kingdom

Seidman, Michael (Professor of History, University of North Carolina Wilmington) - United States

Seigel, Jerrold - United States

Sembres, Thomas (Student) - France

Senalp, Orsan (environmental researcher at TNI) - Turkey

Sennett, Richard (sociologist, LSE) - United Kingdom

Sent, Esther-Mirjam (Professor of Economic Theory and Policy & Department Chair, Radboud University Nijmegen) - Netherlands

Serkan (engineer) - Turkey

Sethi, Neelam (University teacher) - United States

Sevens, Esther (Student) - Belgium
"Global warming is a subject that is important for every single human being on this planet!"

Sewell, William (Professor of Political Science and History, University of Chicago) - United States

Sfregola, Carmela (Communication officer) - Italy

Shanin, Teodor (President, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences) - Russian Federation

shapiro, michael (political scientist) - United States

Shehadi, Nadia (Psychotherapist) - Mexico

Shenhav, Ido (High School student) - Netherlands

Sherlock, Claudette (translator) - France
"What can I say other than that I have daughter who is only 7 years old ..."

Shiney-Ajay, Aru (team member) - United States

shree, geetanjali (writer) - India
"act now"

shweder, robin (retired educator) - United States

Siemelink, Eef (engineeer) - Netherlands

Siepermann, Martin - Netherlands

Simms, Andrew (Policy Director, New Economics Foundation) - United Kingdom

Simonis, Adrianus Kardinaal - Netherlands

Simons, Daniel (Legal Counsel, Greenpeace International) - Netherlands

Simons, John (Art Book Distributor) - Netherlands

Simons, Rob (journalist) - Netherlands

Siordia, María (Psychotherapist) - Mexico
"Solo unidos podremos prevenir futuras catástrofes."

Siurob, Ma. del Carmen (Ambientalista) - Mexico
"Estimados amigos felicidades por la iniciativa"

Skelton, Andrew (Engineer) - United Kingdom

Sklair, Leslie (Emeritus Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics) - United Kingdom

Slotboom, Erik (ICT consultant) - Netherlands

Smeenk, peter (vader/osteopaat) - Netherlands

Smets, Dirk (lid VZKC) - Netherlands

smiers, joost (politicoloog) - Netherlands

Smith, David (Emeritus Professor of History) - United States
"Keep up this good work"

socorro hernandez, grechell (medico) - Venezuela
"Los paises de la OPEP y otros productores de petróleo,deberan sentir la presion sobre su politica destructiva de beneficiarse los politicos de turno,a expensas de sus propios conciudadanos y del mund[...]"

Soetendorp, Awraham (Rabbijn) - Netherlands

Sogabe, Milton (professor) - Brazil
"I agree with this petition"

Sogge, David (Fellow, Transnational Institute) - Netherlands

Solomons, Nina (Studente) - Netherlands

Sonderen, Eva van (journaliste) - Israel

Sonnenberg, Gita (environmentalist) - Australia

Soper, Kate (Philosophy professor, writer) - United Kingdom
"In endorsing this petition I call on all my fellow academic signatories to back it with some effective action - how about giving up flying to conferences ?"

sorkin, david (professor) - United States

Spanjaart, Anne - Netherlands

Spice, Nicholas (publisher) - United Kingdom

Spooren, Nina (student) - Belgium

Stadt, Janneke van de (Professor of Russian) - United States

Staikou, Elina (Academic) - United Kingdom

Stam, Menno - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power ( CPS ) - start right now!!"

Stanley, Diane (Psychotherapist) - Ireland

Stanley, John (Director, - Ireland

Steenhoven, Hugo van der (Director, Fietsersbond (Union of Bicyclists)) - Netherlands

Steenhuis, Aafke (writer) - Netherlands
"most important"

Stekelenburg, Ellen van (afdelingsassistent) - Netherlands

Stephens, Ellie (US Citizen) - United States

Stephens, Jennie (Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, University of Vermont) - United States

Sterratt, David (Research Scientist) - United Kingdom

Steury, Mary Ellen

Stewart, Kari - United Kingdom

Stolz, Walter (Human Rights Consultant) - Netherlands

Stretton, Stephen (Research Associate) - United Kingdom
"I support your goals. If you would like to publicise them at a conference in Cambridge I am organising Sept 22-24th 08: ( please do get in touch. I would be glad to help.Regar[...]"

Stringer, Lindsay (Lecturer in environmental social sciences) - United Kingdom

Struyker Boudier, Alex (Coördinator Educatie) - Netherlands

Suhre, Alexander (PhD Student, Electrical Engineering) - Turkey

Suhubi, Erdogan S. (Professor) - Turkey

sujan, harish - United States

Supatanakornnkij, Chanigar - Thailand

Swinkels, Alex (Secretary) - Netherlands
"Partners voor een Gezond Leefmilieu onderschrijft graag dit urgente appel. ------------------------------------- Partners for a Healthy Environment supports this urgent appeal"

Swyngedouw, Erik (Professor of Geography, Manchester University) - United Kingdom

Sylvan, Håkan (Planning architect) - Sweden
"Urgent, complex matter. "

Szasz, Andrew (professor of Environmental Sociology) - United States

Tandan, Karishma - India

Tanzer, Michael - United States

Tas, Sanderijn (lerares) - Israel
"I want to be part of this very important petition. Let's not forget to think of what each and everyone of us can do by making our ecological footprint smaller. Recycle as much as you can!"

Taylor, Jim (Teacher) - Canada

Tayo, doris (Activist) - Nigeria
"i just hope something can be done soon and those in power will listen to the voice of reason"

Törnqvist, Egil (Prof.emer. Scandinavian studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Tend, Pim van (Milieudefensie) - Netherlands

horst, helmi ter - Netherlands

Steege, Albert ter (Huisman) - Netherlands
"ik zie CSP niet alleen als een oplossing voor het klimaat probleem, maar nog meer als een oplossing voor het energy probleem. Niemand wil in de kou of warmte zitten, en thermische energie (CSP) is het[...]"

Terlouw, Jan (Author, Physicist, Former politician) - Netherlands

Terpstra, Mandy - Netherlands

Teule, Rianne - Netherlands

Teuling, Ike (Greenpeace, campagneleider kernenergie) - Netherlands

Tewksbury, Joshua (Associate Professor) - United States

Thich, TriHoang (Abbot) - United States

Thijssen, Joris (Project leider) - Netherlands

THOMAS, ANNIE (Teacher) - India

Thomas, Lesley (ecological writer) - United States

Thompson, Elizabeth (Climate Solutions Program Manager, Ecology Action) - United States
"The need for massive, immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions cannot be overstated. I urge our leaders to act with unprecedented courage, integrity and focus in a whole-country, whole-world e[...]"

Thompson, Lilia (student) - Bulgaria

tihova, marina - Bulgaria

Timmerman, Henk (CEO) - Netherlands

Tinga, Kees (Secretary, project group Church and Environment for the Council of Churches) - Netherlands

Tjebbes, Anne - Netherlands

Toelch, Ulf (Researcher) - Netherlands

toktamis, kumru (Assistant Professor of Sociology) - United States

Tongeren, Liesbeth van (Director Greenpeace Netherlands) - Netherlands

Toor, Ingrid van (PA) - Netherlands
"I support this initiative"

Topper, Manja (actress) - Netherlands

Tornqvist, Torbjorn (Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Tulane University, New Orleans) - United States

Torres Sánchez, Myriam Elisa (Teacher) - India
"Trying to help on my own way. Just tell me what else can I do."

toth, ingrid (concerned citizen) - Netherlands
"my gallows humor is wearing thin, time to act..."

Traina, Francesca - Italy

Troup, Doug - United Kingdom

truong, thanh-dam (academic) - Netherlands
"great! full support"

Tubman, Stephanie (Student (Geology)) - United States
"Dear world leader,

The time has come not only for individual action and responsibility but also for serious government policy regarding climate change. We cannot mitigate climate change without stau[...]"

Tucker, Mary Evelyn (Professor, Yale University) - United States

Turkenburg, Wim (Professor, Copernicus Institute, University of Utrecht) - Netherlands

Turmes, Claude (MEP) - Luxembourg

Tyers, Roger - United Kingdom

Tyler, Imogen (Lecturer in Sociology) - United Kingdom

Udo Haes, Helias de (professor in environmental sciences) - Netherlands

UEHLI, Christophe (Gérant de Société) - France

urry, john (prof of sociology) - United Kingdom

v. Tengg-Kobligk, Dietrich (EU-Representative of Forum Environment & Development) - Germany

Vakhshtayn, Victor (sociologist) - Russian Federation

loes vander valk (university teacher history) - Netherlands

Valk, Peter de (Senior Lecturer) - Netherlands

Vall, Renée van de (Professor of Art and Media) - Netherlands

Van Langenhove, Katrien (assistant performing arts) - Belgium

Van Lente, Harro (Associate Professor) - Netherlands

Van Thillo, Bart (CEO) - Belgium

Vanbeylen, Charles (student) - Belgium

Vance, Kvernland - United States

Vanderhaeghen, James (Bedrijfsleider) - Belgium
"Wat we dringend nodig hebben is een wereldwijde oorlog tegen de klimaatopwarming. En vooral dat we die winnen!"

Vandezande, Mattijs (PhD student Historical Demography, KULeuven) - Belgium

Vanhaesebrouck, Karel (docent Universiteit Maastricht & Rits) - Belgium

Vanslambrouck, Kris (Groen!) - Belgium

Varghese, J (Assistant Professor, University of Guelph) - Canada

Varul, Matthias (sociologist) - United Kingdom

Vasilev, Teodor - Bulgaria
"We have to stop thinking that we are not involved or nothing depends on any of us. Every single person on this planet is responsible for climate change!"

Veenstra, René (Associate Professor in Sociology) - Netherlands

Veira, Kenneth (CEO Engineer Bureau Sunshine) - Netherlands
"Why Wait for a Catastrophe to Happen, when we are perfectly able to avert it??"

Veltman, Ger (research-technicus) - Netherlands
"De zon is de toekomst."

Venhuis, Carla (gemeentejurist) - Netherlands

Venis, Jan van de (Chair, Stand Up For Your Rights) - Netherlands
"We may not always be able to control things that cross our paths, but we certainly are in control of the way we respond."

Venselaar, Nanny (dierenarts) - Netherlands

Verbeek, Annemiek (journalist) - Netherlands

Verbeek, Stijn (PhD student Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

verberg, andrei (webadmin) - Netherlands

Verboven, Don (Director of the Flemish Theatre Festival) - Belgium
"If every individual consumer on this planet would take his responsability, that would be a great step already..."

Verbraak, Gijs - Netherlands

Verbraak, Gijs (NGO medewerker) - Netherlands

Vergragt, Philip (Professor Emeritus of Technology Assessment) - United States

Verhaak, Willem (Campaign organizer, Climate and Energy, Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands)) - Netherlands

Verhoeven, Navah Sarah Tsiporah (psychologist, singer, healer) - Israel

Verschoor, Volker (Industrieel Ontwerper) - Netherlands

Verschraegen, Gert (Professor of Sociology, University of Antwerp) - Belgium

Viaene, Bastiaan (student) - Belgium

Vila, Jordi (University Professor) - Netherlands

vincentie, ulrich (verpleger) - Ireland

Viner, Helen - United Kingdom

Vinkhuyzen, Peter (retired) - Netherlands
"directe benutting van de zonnewarmte lijkt de enige echt duurzame energiebron"

Vion, Martine (retraitée) - France

vis, berend (jurist) - Netherlands

Visscher-Endeveld, Lies (Elisabeth) (secretaris LmdA) - Netherlands
"De petitie wordt getekend namens Leven met de Aarde.dit is een stichting voor alle leven met de Aarde. Naast groene steden is landschapsherstel en een snelle omslag naar een zonne-energie-herstel econ[...]"

visser, jelle (professor of sociology, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Wolter vander Vlist (Advisor) - Netherlands

von Hodenberg, Christina (University Reader in European History) - United Kingdom

von Knobelsdorff, Mechthild (Network Outreach Coordinator) - Belgium

Vonk, Charlotte - Netherlands

Vreede, Danny de (Bezorgde vader en wereldburger) - Netherlands

Waarden, Robert van (Photographer) - Netherlands

Wachters, Laurens (onderzoeker) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!"

Wainwright, Hilary (Editor, Red Pepper) - United Kingdom

Wald, James (Professor of history, Hampshire College) - United States

waldo, Dewanand (hindu writer and researcher) - Netherlands
"We Hindus believe in reincarnation and because of this every Hindu must fight for a clean environment and invest money in it during this single lifecycle.Please my one billion HIndu fellows, support t[...]"

Waldstein, Anna (Lecturer in Medical Anthropology) - United Kingdom

Walker, Warren (Professor of Policy Analysis, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology)
"I hope this petition will make a difference."

Walker-Leigh, Vanya (environmental journalist) - Malta

Walkowitz, Daniel - United States

Walraven, Sander (Account Manager) - Netherlands

Walsh, Ollie (Marketing Consultant) - Ireland
"The time to make change is now.If we keep listening to corporate groups we will not survive. This is much bigger than economics."

Walter, John (Professor, Essex University) - United Kingdom

Ward, Bess (Professor) - United States

Warren, Rachel (Academic) - United Kingdom

wassenaar, fop (arts) - Netherlands

waterman, peter (Global Labour Charter Project) - United Kingdom

Mieke vander Weij (journalist) - Netherlands

Weiss, Martin (Researcher) - Netherlands

Weissman, Steve (writer) - France

Meindert vander Werf (Financial controllor) - Netherlands

Peter vander Werff (Consultant Institute of Environmental Studies) - Netherlands

Wertheim, Anne-Ruth (publicist) - Netherlands

Wessel, Marleen (promovenda) - Netherlands

Wessel, Rilana - Netherlands

Westenbrugge, Wouter van (Student ERM, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Wexler, Eric (concerned citizen and father) - United States

White, Cynthia - United States

Widick, Richard (Lecturer, Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara) - United States
"Now is the time!"

Wiercx, Joke (onderzoeker politieke wetenschappen) - Belgium

Wiering, Mark (Assistent Professor) - Netherlands

wiertz, gerda (secretarieel) - Netherlands

Wijmen, Peter van (Law Professor, Tilburg University) - Netherlands

wilde, shanna de (fondsenwerver) - Netherlands

Wildenthal, Lora (professor) - United States

Wilkens, Lisan (beleidsonderzoeker) - Netherlands

Willems, Els (fractievoorzitter Amsterdam Anders/De Groenen Oud-Zuid) - Netherlands

Williams, James (Professor of Environmental Sociology) - United States
"Based on the evidence I have seen, global climate change appears to be the most serious problem ever faced by humankind. Thank you for circulating this petition. I very much hope it will contribute [...]"

Williams, Jessica - Ireland

Wilson, Adrian - United States

Wilson, W. Daniel (Professor of German) - United Kingdom

paul vander Wilt (anglist) - Netherlands

Winickoff, David (Assistant Professor, U.C. Berkeley) - United States

Winnubst, Madelinde (researcher) - Netherlands

Wit, Pieter A.J. de (supporter zonthermische energie) - Netherlands
"Vergeet halfslachtige maatregels als kernenergie, CO2 in de grond en olie uit kolen, die pas over minimaal tien jaar effect krijgen en gebruik dit investeringsgeld om snel zonthermische centrales in w[...]"

Witte-Rang, Greetje - Netherlands

Wix, Ruben (Repro Medewerker) - Netherlands

Wolferen, Karel van (University Professor and Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW)) - Netherlands

Wolff, Gerry (Coordinator of TREC-UK) - United Kingdom
"Yes, this problem needs to be treated with the same urgency as war!"

Wongwian, Aticha - Thailand

Wood-Lecoy, Hilary (Teacher) - France
"Too many vested interests with short-term goals - political, economic, industrial - have ensured that the changes that need to take place have either not been fully adopted or relegated in importance.[...]"

Woods, Emira (Director, Foreign Policy In Focus) - United States

Woodward, Rachel - United Kingdom

Wright, Helena (Cambridge Graduate) - United Kingdom

Wun'Gaeo, Surichai - Thailand

wunderink, ron (ict medewerker) - Netherlands

Xenias, D - United Kingdom

Yasur-Landau, Assaf (Archaeologist) - Israel

York, Richard - United States

Yotova, Antoaneta (researcher) - Bulgaria
"Even if signing petitions like this does not make anything to happen, at least to learn more about the reality and think about possible personal actions is a step forward!"

Zapien, Laura (teacher) - Mexico

Zasheva, Ivanka - Bulgaria

Zavestoski, Stephen (Professor) - United States

Zeeuw, Ko de (Director, De Kleine Aarde) - Netherlands
"De Kleine Aarde onderschrijft en ondersteunt gaarne uw appèl."

Zieba, Julia (student) - Poland

Zimmerman, Kirsten (redacteur Greenpeace) - Netherlands

Zinda, John (Student) - United States

Zindovic, Larisa

Zinovieff, Fiona (Research Fellow) - United Kingdom

Zubrow, Marcia - United States

Zuidema, Els - Netherlands

Zuiden, Nicolette van (Nurse) - Netherlands
"Does the obvious need a comment?"

Zuzarte, Fiona (Research Associate) - Sweden
"The time for action is now."

Şenalp, Örsan (activist/researcher) - Netherlands